The Notes app lets you share notes with others who are using any Apple or iOS devices. Once you share notes with other users, they get right to edit, preview and share to whomever they wish to. As all these things revolve around a particular workspace, it is necessary that the people who are using the same shared content should know what change is happening in the note. Every time a change is made in the note or it is shared, you will get alert for that action. After a certain point of time, it gets annoying when you start getting alerts frequently. It populates your notification panel as well as your lock screen. To get rid of these pings, follow the steps below and hide alerts from Shared Notes in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

How to Hide or Disable Alerts from Shared Notes in iOS 11

How to Invite Friends to Make Changes in Your Notes on iOS 11

First all you need to create and invite shared notes on iPhone or iPad. Head over to this post to create a shared notes on iPhone and iPad.

How to Turn off Alerts from Shared Notes on iOS 11

Step #1: Open the Notes app.

Step #2: Select any note and open it.

Step #3: Once the note is opened, you will notice a ‘contact’s’ icon beside the share button at the top. Tap the Contact icon.

tap on the contact button at the top right corner

Step #4: A new window will open with the title “People” on top.

Step #5: Search for the option ‘Hide Alerts’ below. Tap on the toggle beside it to enable this feature.

Turn On the switch next to Hide Alerts

Step #6: Tap “Done” from the top right corner of the screen to finish it.

Tap on Done

Now, there will be no shared notes alerts to distract you every now and then. Hope this article helped you eradicating the hitch!

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