How to Send iMessage with Screen Effects in iOS 10 on iPhone

Fireworks, confetti, balloons and more on your iPhone screen! You think I must have gone crazy. Nope, your iPhone can do all this if you have updated to iOS 10. Among the many cool features iOS 10 brings, this can be quite funny and hilarious to make your chat colourful on iMessage. Though emoji Tapbacks have been popular among chatters, screen effect is particularly all the rage among young iPhone users.

Apart from teenagers, kids also love to see some colourful screen effects on iPhone of their parents. Once in a while, it is okay to behave like kids and send such screen effects to your colleagues and friends. So, let’s get down to the method of sending messages with screen effects on iPhone or iPad.

Points to Ponder

  • iOS 10 is smart enough to add suitable screen effects when you choose to send messages like “Happy New Year”, “Happy Birthday”, etc.
  • Users can use built-in screen effects like confetti, fireworks, balloons etc.
  • Users can send screen effects from Messages app, interactive Notifications and from the lock screen of your iOS devices enabled with iOS 10.
  • Mac doesn’t show screen effects in its Messages app.

How to Use Screen Effects in iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1: Open Messages app on your iPhone and type in a message.

Step #2: Now press strongly on the upward arrow (which is Send button).

Now press strongly on the upward arrow

Step #3: Next, you can see two screen tabs: Bubble and Screen. You already know about sending messages with Bubble effects. Now choose Screen and tap on it.

Now choose Screen and tap on it

Step #4: Here, you need to swipe from right to left to select the screen effects you want to apply in your iMessage.

swipe from right to left to select the screen effects you want to apply in your iMessage.

Step #5: iOS 10 offers five screen effects at present viz. Balloons, Shooting Stars, Lasers, Fireworks, and Confetti.

With Balloons, you can send balloons in variety of colors.

Balloons Effects in iMessage

In Shooting Stars, a star bursts after travelling from left to right on your iPhone screen.

Shooting stars effect in iMessage

Create an impression of lasers and sound on the screen with the help of Lasers effect.

Lasers Effect in iMessage

Enjoy multi-color fireworks at the center of your iPhone screen in Fireworks.

Fireworks Effect in iMessage

Confetti effect showers multi-color confetti from the top of the phone screen.

Confetti Effect in iMessage

After choosing your favourite screen effect, just tap on Send button to send your iMessage to your contacts.

Tap on Send Button to Send iMessage

Later on, if you think that you have sent a screen effect to a person who hates such trinkets, you can cancel iOS 10 screen effect in iMessage.

How to Cancel iOS 10 Screen Effect in iMessage on iPhone or iPad

It is quite easy to cancel the screen effect. After sending one, you can see ‘x’ button under the upward arrow on your screen effect. Simply tap on ‘x’ button to cancel the screen effect you have sent recently.

Tap the “X” button to cancel Message

Do you like this information on how to send messages with screen effect in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad ? iOS 10 has got many super cool features to keep you busy. We will keep you updated with awesomeness of iOS 10. If you have any feedback, share with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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