The feature of changing flashlight brightness on iPhone is little known to users. Though Apple introduced this in iOS 10, many iPhone users wonder how they can adjust flashlight brightness on iPhone in iOS 11.

As mentioned above, Apple had given this facility to decrease or increase flashlight brightness on iPhone in iOS 10; but this was limited to iPhone 6s and later iPhones with 3D Touch feature. Users could easily control and adjust torchlight brightness with low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity.

How to Adjust Flashlight Brightness on iPhone

How to Change Flashlight Brightness on iPhone in iOS 11

While you are groping around for something in dark, you may need to use flashlight on your iPhone or iPod touch. But not all users have similar eye sight; some have stronger vision while others may be suffering from feeble vision after sunset. This is the reason why users have to dim the flashlight or change flashlight brightness on their iPhones.

Step #1: Launch the Control Center on your iPhone (you can open Control Center on the locked or unlocked iPhone).

Swipe Up from the iPhone screen to access control center

Step #2: Now tap on the Flashlight icon to turn on the torch; alternatively, you can long press on the Flashlight icon in the Control Center. However, when you long press the Flashlight, you will immediately see a flashlight intensity controller on the phone screen.

Tap on Torchlight icon in control center on iPhone

Step #3: In case you have not long-pressed the Flashlight icon (as mentioned in Step 2), you have to do that now; simply press and hold your finger on the Flashlight icon.

You can see that Flashlight intensity controller (which you could have seen if you had long-pressed Flashlight icon in step 2).

Now your job is simple; use your finger and swipe it up and down to adjust flashlight intensity on your iPhone.

Adjust Flashlight Brightness on iPhone

That’s it!

This is a nifty feature available in your iPhone. You can use flashlight and control its brilliance on your iOS device.

IMPORTANT: Please use flashlight while you are looking for an object in the dark; don’t play it on somebody’s eyes as it can blind the people for some moments if high intensity is turned on flashlight.

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