How to Block Phone Calls, FaceTime Calls, and Messages on iPhone and iPad

Data has now become an asset for any organization. Every day, many marketing agencies shoot or blast SMS and emails on unknown numbers to promote products & services. Poor phone users have to check those messages or emails on the small screen of their mobile phones. If you frequently receive such promotional messages, you can block numbers or you can also block phone calls if call centers indulge in cold calling spree.

iPhone and iPad users can easily block a contact or block a number from their devices. We have listed here three useful methods to block unwanted calls, FaceTime calls, and Messages on iPhone or iPad. Moreover, iPhone and iPad users can also filter iMessages from unknown senders.

Given below are useful methods to block phone numbers on iPhone and iPad. Follow each one to block people on your iOS device.

How to Block Phone Numbers and Contacts on iPhone from Phone App

Step #1: Tap on Phone app from the Home screen of your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Recents from the lower menu, which displays options like Favorites, Contacts, Keypad, and Voicemail apart from Recents.

Step #3: Now choose the contact or unknown number you want to block on iPhone or iPad.

Now choose the contact

Step #4: Tap on (i) icon seen next to the contact or phone number.

Step #5: Scroll down and you will find ‘Block this Caller’ option. Tap on it.

Step #6: A pop-up will swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone. Tap on Block Contact given in red fonts.

The contact will be blocked on your iPhone or iPad until you unblock the same person. Note that you will not get any phone call, message or FaceTime call from this blocked contact. Another simple method to block a caller from Phone app is to select the phone number from Contact list and then block the caller.

All you need to do is to tap on the name of person/contact and then tap on ‘Block this Caller’ option.

How to Block a Contact on iPhone from Messages App

Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Messages app.

Step #3: Next, tap on ‘Blocked’ under SMS/MMS section.

Step #4: Tap on ‘Add New’ option.

This will open the Contacts list from Phone app.

Step #5: Tap on any contact you want to block on your iPhone.

The contact will be blocked on your iPhone.

How to Block a Person on iPhone/iPad from FaceTime

Step #1: Open Settings on iPhone/iPad.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on FaceTime app from the list.

Step #3: Select ‘Blocked’ under CALLS section.

Step #4: Tap on ‘Add New’ button.

You will be landed on the list of Contacts from your Phone app. Tap on any contact and the same will be blocked.

Point to Ponder: Once you block a person from any app (Phone, Messages or FaceTime), s/he won’t be able to contact you on all the apps. For example, if you block a phone number from Phone app, the blocked person cannot make a FaceTime call or send a message to you.

How to Filter iMessages from Unknown Senders

You can filter iMessages from unknown people (senders who are not saved in your contact list).

Step #1: Fire up Settings app on iPhone/iPad.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Open Messages app from the list.

Step #3: Toggle Filter Unknown Senders ON.

Now go back to Home screen and open Messages app. You will find two sections there: Contacts & SMS and Unknown Senders.

Contacts & SMS and Unknown Senders Sections

Tap on Unknown Senders button and you will see iMessage from the sender, who is not saved in contacts on Phone app.

If you see any promotional message there, you can report spam or junk in the Messages app. When you receive such junk message from any unknown sender, you will notice a Report Junk link below the message. Tap on this link to send the information to Apple.

Alternatively, you can send an Email to Apple to report a spam or junk. If you are not using iOS 8.3 or later version on your iOS device, you can send an email to [email protected] with below mentioned information:

  • Take a screenshot of the message.
  • Copy the email ID or phone number of iMessage sender.
  • Take date and time when you got the iMessage.

You can also report SMS and MMS messages to your phone carrier.

So this is how you can block spam calls, Contacts, FaceTime calls and Messages on your iPhone/iPad. Like this information? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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