When Pokemon Go was launched first, it was available only in the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. People from other parts of the world wished they were in any of the four countries. Fortunately, there was a workaround to download and install Pokemon Go on Android & iOS device.

But sometimes, many app developers release their apps in a select few countries; this leaves many users deprived of using their favourite apps. However, by changing App Store country region in your iPhone or iPad, you can use app meant for other countries and not for the country you are residing in.

You can follow this information and change App Store country or region on your iOS device. But before you go ahead, you need to read this:

  • Cancel active iTunes Match subscription, if any.
  • Cancel active Apple Music subscription or you can’t change the country.
  • App Store won’t change in the presence of a single incomplete Season Pass or Multi-Pass.
  • Region won’t get changed in the presence of rentals.
  • Spend your credit balance and then go ahead.
  • Wait for a few hours so that your pending store credit refunds exhaust.
  • Billing information and the store you are buying from must match with each other.
  • If you don’t have any valid credit card for a particular country, select “None”. But at the instant of purchasing any app from the store, you need to submit payment information.
  • Rights to change stores are reserved with the organizers of family Sharing group.
  • Even after changing the country, some apps may not display in your App Store.

How to change App Store Country/Region in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

Tap on Settings


Step #2: Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Step #3: Tap on Apple ID.

Tap on Apple ID.

Step #4: A square box will appear on your phone’s screen with some three options: View Apple ID, Sign Out, iForgot. Next, tap on View Apple ID.

Tap on View Apple ID

Step #5: Now type in your Apple ID password.

Type in your Apple ID password

Step #6: Tap on Country/Region.

Tap on Country/Region.

Step #7: Tap on Change Country or Region

Tap on Change Country or Region

Step #8: Scroll up and down to select country from the list.

Step #9: After selecting the country, tap on Next.

select country from the list and tap on next

Step #10: You will be landed on the screen of Account Settings, where you will find Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy. In the bottom right corner, you will find “Agree” button. Tap on this button.

Tap on “Agree” button

Step #11: You will see a dialog box with a message: I have read and agree to the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions.

Step #12: Tap on “Agree” again.

Tap on “Agree” again.

After this, you will be presented with your Apple ID account details.

Step #13: Tap on Next from the right corner at the bottom of your phone screen.

Step #14: Next your will see BILLING INFORMATION screen on phone.

Step #15: Tap None.

Step #16: Tap Next.

Step #17: You will be asked for Apple ID verification.

If you wish, you can go for Verification or just tap on Not Now.

Finally, you can complete the procedure by tapping on Start Shopping or Done.

This is how you can change App Store country region in iPhone/iPad. Is this information helpful to you? Share your feedback on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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