How to Clear Documents and Data on iPhone or iPad and Create Some Space

Every iPhone user faces this problem of clearing documents and data. Earlier, Apple used to launch the basic iPhone with 16GB space; this obviously creates some issue to store music and video files on the device. Thankfully, Apple has recently launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with minimum storage space of 32GB. But still people encounter the issue of space, and they have to clear documents and data on their iPhones.

But the million-dollar question is: what is documents and data? Like ‘Other Data’, documents and data have always been a moot question for iPhone and iPad users. Here we have already been discussed how to remove other data from iPhone; in this information, we will deal with how users can delete documents and data.

Before you delete documents and data from your iPhone, it is better to understand what exactly the thing is. In a day, you work on many stock apps and third-party apps; you also access some iCloud documents. All this compiles cache data on your iPhone and iPad. You need to remove this document and data from your iOS devices.

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 8/9 or iOS 10

Stock Apps

From dawn to dusk, you may be using stock apps like Safari, Messages, Music, Videos, Mail and more on your iOS devices. All these apps exchange data, and therefore, they store some data on your iPhone or iPad. Safari creates cache and reading list; Videos downloads visual contents; while Mail app sends and receives documents.

All these apps send and receive different type of data, and hence, there are different ways to clear such data.

In iOS 10, you can also delete and reinstall stock apps.

Clear Cache, Reading List, History, Cookies on Safari

You browse many websites on Safari browser. This app creates cache in terms of browsing history, cookies and cached data of websites. If you have saved some websites in Reading List, it also adds to your documents and data. You can remove such documents and data to make some space on your iPhone/iPad.

You can clear Safari browsing history and cookies and save and clear all Safari offline reading list.

Clear Message/iMessage Cache on iPhone/iPad

People use Messages app in the presence of free chat clients like Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts and more. iPhone users like to communicate via Messages when they are in important meetings, seminars, or conferences just to avoid any disturbance. But little do they know about cache amassed on their iPhones and iPads.

We have discussed a workaround to clear Message/iMessage cache on iPhone and iPad.

Clearing Mail Data and Attachments

You load a number of emails on the stock Mail app. Moreover, you send and receive many documents also. All this stacks up data over a period of time. To clear mail data and attachments on your iPhone, simply delete your mail account once and re-add the same.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on Mail app from the list.

Tap on Mail app

Step #3: Now tap on Accounts.

Now tap on Accounts

Step #4: Tap on your mail account and delete the same by tapping on Delete Account button.

Tap on your mail account and delete

After a few seconds, re-configure your email account on your iPhone.

Removing Music, Movies & TV Shows, Thumbnail cache from iTunes

A media-savvy user would frequently buy something from iTunes; songs, movies, TV shows and more are in the list of users who love to consume entertainment on their iPhones and iPads. All your purchased contents are part of Media, but some of the contents are slotted into ‘documents and data’. Thumbnail cache or related files are also included in these documents and data; though they are not media files of any sort.

To remove such media cache, you should delete all music from your iPhone/iPad and then bring them back by syncing your device with computer. This is how you can remove all the cache on the device.

Photo Stream

Your Photo Stream, if it is toggled ON, can automatically upload all new photos and send them to all your iCloud devices when they are connected with Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to delete your photos from Album or Camera Roll; just turn off the Photo Stream option.

Open Settings → iCloud → Photos → Toggle My Photo Stream OFF.

Deleting Voicemail Messages

People store many voicemails in Phone app on iPhone. This obviously creates unnecessary cache in the device. Users can delete voicemail messages from iPhone in iOS 10 permanently.

Remove Documents & Data from Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps also gather a lot of background cache that need to be deleted from your iPhone. You can create much space by this cleaning exercise. But locating such cache is a tough nut to crack. There are two ways to delete documents & data from all third-party apps downloaded on your iOS device.

Method #1: Remove & Reinstall Apps

This is a breeze. Press and hold on the app until it starts wiggling. A delete icon (x) will appear on the app; simply delete the app from your device and reinstall from AppStore. This action will ensure that all data (like photos/videos on WhatsApp) will be removed; if you have backed up the data on iCloud, you can restore the same.

Method #2: Delete Data from Apps

Chat clients used by users certainly create a lot of cache as people exchange text messages, photos, audio and video files etc. Try to delete all the data from the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Hangouts etc.

iCloud Documents

If you have synced iBooks with your iCloud on your iOS devices, this will create some documents and data. You need to follow below mentioned steps to remove iCloud documents.

Step #1: Open Settings app.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on iCloud.

Tap on iCloud

Step #3: Now tap Storage.

Now tap Storage

Step #4: Next, tap on Manage Storage.

Next, tap on Manage Storage

Step #5: Under DOCUMENTS & DATA, you will find some apps like WhatsApp, Facebook & Notes.

Under DOCUMENTS & DATA, you will find some apps

Step #6: Tap on the app.

Step #7: Tap on Edit button from top right corner.

Tap on Edit button

Step #8: Scroll down and tap on Delete All button.

Tap on Delete All button

Instead, you can also tap on ‘-‘ button before each document to remove them one by one.

Clear Apple News App History

News lovers keep exploring Apple News app, which is now a default app in iOS 10. During a day, you browse many news links to keep updated with the latest happening. In the background, though, your Apple News app piles up history. You can Clear Apple News App History, Recommendations in iOS 10 on iPhone.

Apart from above listed methods, users can also use some software to clear documents and data on iPhone. Some of the popular software are iExplorer and iFunbox, which give you deeper access to clear cached data on your iOS devices.

Is there any other method to clear documents and data on iPhone? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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