Controlling lights with Alexa is one of the coolest features work with Amazon Echo devices. How comfortable it is to control hue lights with Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap without shaking your legs; just shake your tongue and say Alexa turn on lights or Alexa turn off lights. Well, this is the beauty of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and its siblings. For this, you need to install smart lights bulbs that work with Alexa. Next, simply control lights with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices.

Once you have purchased Alexa compatible lights bulbs, you need to connect them to Amazon Echo devices. Once the smart lights are connected, you just need to send commands to Alexa supported devices. Note that you can also setup Alexa lightning group and add new lights to Alexa group. This will help you Turn ON or OFF multiple Alexa Enabled smart lights with a single command.

How to Control Lights with Alexa and Amazon Echo Devices

How to Control Lights with Alexa and Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Spot

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How to Connect Lights to Amazon Echo

Step #1: Open Alexa App on your device.

Step #2: Tap on three horizontal lines i.e menu from the top left corner.

Step #3: From the menu, tap on Smart home.

Step #4: Tap on Add Device.

Step #5: You need to wait for few seconds as Alexa is discovering devices.

Step #6: Now, scroll down to find the list of devices Alexa discovered.

Step #7: In Your Devices list, you will find your bulb.

Note: The Name of the lighting bulbs will remain the same which you have entered during initial setup.

You can issue commands using the names you’ve given the bulbs:

“Alexa, turn off the bedroom light.”

“Alexa, turn my hall light red.”

“Alexa, dim the kitchen light.”

How to Setup Alexa Lightning Group

Step #1: Open Alexa App on your smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Menu located in the top left corner of the screen.

Step #3: Next, Tap on Smart home.

Step #4: Now, from the top of the screen, tap on Groups.

Step #5: Tap on Add Group.

Step #6: Enter any name for your new Alexa group.

Step #7: Next up, you need to scroll down to tap on save.

How to Add New Lights to Alexa Group

If you want to add new light bulbs, then you have to just repeat the same process which you did earlier for connecting. There won’t be any change in the current group settings and smart home skills.

Step #1: Open Alexa app on your mobile phone.

Step #2: Tap on Menu icon.

Step #3: Tap on Smart home from the menu.

Step #4: Next, tap on Add device.

Step #5: Simply wait for few seconds till Alexa discover your device.

Step #6: Once devices are discovered, scroll down and find your device.

That’s it!!

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