If you are using Voicemail messages in iOS 10 on iPhone, you are a real Apple lover. In its latest iOS update, Apple has introduced a new feature of transcript, which transcribes your voicemails. Even as so many chat clients offering free voice messages service, there are people who use voicemail service. And there is a reason for using this service. Normally, people set up voicemails when they don’t want to pick up and hang the phone.

Once you subscribe to voicemails, you can receive or send voicemails even if you are not using mobile data on your iPhone. Perhaps, sending a voicemail is a better option than typing a text message to your contacts.

Over a period of time, your iPhone receives many voicemails. Slowly and gradually, voicemails occupy space on your phone, which may become slower in operation. This is the time to delete voicemails on your iPhone. Remember, once you delete voicemails from the Phone app, you also need to delete permanently from the recycle bin or trash of your phone.

How to Clear Voicemails from iPhone in iOS 10

Step #1: Hold your iPhone in your hand and tap on Phone app from the Home screen.

Step #2: Tap on Voicemail icon from the bottom menu; you will find Voicemail option in the bottom right corner.


Step #3: Next, tap on the voicemail you want to delete.

This will open the voicemail and you can also read the transcript (if you are using iOS 10 on your iPhone).

Step #4: Below the play button, you can see three options: Speaker, Call Back, and Delete.

Step #5: Tap on Delete and the voicemail will be deleted.

Alternatively, you can swipe from right to left on a voicemail; a delete button appears on the right. Tap on the button to delete the voicemail.

If there are many voicemails to be deleted, you need to follow steps mentioned below.

How to Clear Multiple Voicemails from iPhone in iOS 10

You can delete all voicemails messages at once if you find many useless voicemails in Phone app.

Step #1: Launch Phone app by tapping on it from Home screen.

Step #2: Tap Voicemail icon.

Step #3: You can see an Edit icon on the top right corner; tap on Edit button.

Step #4: Next, tap on each voicemail you need to delete; all voicemails will be tick-marked.

Step #5: Finally, tap the Delete button from the right corner.

This is not the end of voicemail deleting exercise. Even after deleting voicemails, they still occupy some space on your iPhone, and therefore, you need to permanently delete voicemails from your iPhone.

How to Clear iPhone Voicemails Permanently

Step #1: Open Phone app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Voicemail button.

Step #3: You will notice that your deleted voicemails are not cleared. The voicemail list will also show an option at the bottom; it is called Deleted Messages.

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Clear All button to delete the voicemails permanently.

That’s it! All your voicemails are deleted for good. However, many users have observed that Clear All button is disabled or grayed out. In this case, users have to clear all voicemails manually. Users can also use mobile carriers’ website to clear out all voicemails from their accounts. Finally, reset network settings from Settings General Reset.

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