How do I turn off camera Shutter sound on iPhone? Faced with this puzzle while using the camera on your iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7, Plus, 6(s), 6(s) Plus, 5s and iPhone SE? Well, there are four different answers to this question. This tutorial will tell you how you can disable camera shutter sound on iPhone or iPad.

But why should you mute iPhone camera shutter sound? Well, you want to click photos secretly, without informing the person you capture on your device. In this situation, you have to keep shutter sound off on your iPhone. Moreover, there are some places where photography is prohibited, and still, you want to take pictures silently on your iOS devices (however, we do not recommend this). It’s your choice; you may have to face the lawsuit for this legal offense. Anyway, if you want no shutter sound on your iPhone, you can follow some simple tricks and tips given below.

How to Disable Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Is it legal to keep your iPhone camera shutter sound off?

You cannot keep your iPhone camera sound mute in some countries. Japan and Korea do not allow phone users to keep the shutter sound silent; well, there are no legal provisions but wireless carriers made it mandatory and smartphone makers did the same. If you are visiting countries like Japan and Korea, you will have to keep the iPhone camera sound turned on all the time while taking pictures on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and other apps.

How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Method #1: Use the mute switch

Agreed, this will silence your entire iPhone; but at the same time, using this mute switch will also mute iPhone camera.

Use Mute Switch on iPhone to turn off Camera Sound

Method #2: Turn down the volume by Using Volume Down Button

On the left of your iPhone, there are ‘volume up and down’ buttons; simply press the volume down button and it will turn off camera sound.

Use Volume Down button to Decrease iPhone camera sound

Method #3: Turn down the volume from Settings

You can also control volume from Settings (without using physical buttons).

SettingsSounds → Slide the ball under RINGER AND ALERTS. Drag the slider to the extreme left and your iOS device will be silent.

Turn down the volume from iPhone Settings

Method #4: Use Assistive Touch to Mute iPhone

If you are using virtual home button on your iPhone, you can use AssistiveTouch to mute your iPhone, and thus, the camera will be silenced.

Once that virtual button begins to float on your iPhone screen, tap on that Assistive Touch button. Next, tap on Device and then tap on Mute (bell icon).

Use Assistive Touch to Mute iPhone

If you don’t find a Mute button in Assistive touch, then go Setting → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch → Customize Top Level Menu → tap on Plus icon → tap on Newly added Plus button and choose Mute → tap on Done.

That’s it!!

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  1. Very valuable information. I was looking for something like that and found it here. these tips will help me for future. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much for teaching me how to turn off the camera click.taking screenshots is a way for me to save notes and I don’t want to wake up my wife or child. I am great full that you gave examples where that behavior would draw attention and could break the law. This is essentially because my wife is asleep and I want her to be in a “refreshed “ mode in the morning so if you must know I am more focused on getting permission to my bedroom then Asia! (I’m married.) no shame in this game!


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