When you disable Emergency SOS on iPhone X, you ensure that accidental dialling of 911 is stopped. Note that Emergency SOS on iPhone X is quite useful when you are trapped in some real problems (especially when you are alone); the feature quickly calls 911 for help when you press and hold the side button and either volume button on your iPhone X for some seconds.

This Emergency SOS feature rings an alarm on your iPhone X and countdown begins from 3, 2, 1, before calling 911 services. It is a welcome feature when you are in trouble, but there are many occasions when you accidentally dial 911. For example, you want to force restart your iPhone X, want to take a screenshot, or you are trying to disable Face ID on your iPhone X; while performing these tasks, your iPhone dials 911 by mistake. Obviously, you need to turn off Emergency SOS on iPhone X to stop this dialling 911.

You can easily stop auto call with Emergency SOS from the Settings on your iPhone X. By doing this, you can use this Emergency SOS, but you need to swipe that button on your iPhone X screen manually. But this will save you from embarrassing situations caused by accidental dialling 911.

How to Disable Emergency SOS on iPhone X to Stop Accidentally Dialling 911

How to Disable Emergency SOS Auto Call on iPhone X

By following steps below, you can disable auto calling of emergency services by holding down buttons on your iPhone X, but you can always use this feature whenever you need it.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Emergency SOS.

Tap on Emergency SOS on iPhone

Step #3: Here, toggle the switch Auto Call OFF.

Toggle off Auto Call Emergency SOS button on iPhone

Even after disabling auto call via Emergency SOS, you can launch that Emergency SOS screen on your iPhone X when you are in trouble. But remember, you need to manually swipe that button to call 911.

I think a better way to avoid this accidental dialling is to use five clicks; on your Emergency SOS screen, there is a button ‘Also Works with 5 Clicks’. Turn this button ON and you can use Emergency SOS by rapidly clicking the side button for five times.

Note that other iPhone users with iOS 11 updated can use this feature of Auto Call by clicking sleep/wake button five times rapidly.

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