Lost Apple Pencil ? How to Find Apple Pencil

Introducing the problem!

Carelessness knows no limit! A forgetful mind is arguably the most careless one. When Apple launched iPad Pro 12.9, it was best used by creative brains to use it as a painted board. And such brains tend to forget things.

Apple Pencil sometimes receives step-motherly treatment; people put the pencil somewhere and forget where they placed. In this situation, users wish Apple had provided a solution to find the lost Apple Pencil.

Though accessories makers give a slot or something similar to keep Apple Pencil, people fail to keep track of Pencil. Users need to use Apple Pencil as and when required; it is not something that you constantly use, like your finger.

And this creates problems for users. If they had to use it constantly, there is little chance of Pencil getting lost. But every problem has a solution. In this case, you can either sharpen your memory or use an app that can help you find lost Apple Pencil.

Lost Apple Pencil ? How to Find Apple Pencil

We have a savior

Bluetooth Finder is the only app on Apple’s App Store that can find your Apple Pencil. This app has some limitations, though.

In case you forget where you put your Apple Pencil, you can take the help of this app on your iPad Pro paired to your Pencil. You need to install the app right away; once you launch the app, it will guide you to the missing Pencil.

If you are using iPad Pro every day, you should keep this app downloaded on your device as you may need it anytime. It has been observed that the missing device sleeps soon after it is misplaced, and therefore, you have to quickly open the Bluetooth Finder to find the lost Apple Pencil.

The app is compatible with iOS 8 or later versions. Also, remember that the app works only on an iPad that is paired with Apple Pencil. The name itself suggests that Bluetooth connectivity is also needed.

With so many features, you are easily impressed with Bluetooth Finder. But wait! The app has certain limitations and you should know some drawbacks of Bluetooth Finder.

Bluetooth Finder fails to help you in case you have disabled or re-enabled Bluetooth after losing your device. Similarly, if you have restarted your iPad after losing the Pencil, don’t expect any help from Bluetooth Finder.

Since your Bluetooth app can locate the device within the distance of 30 feet (approximately), the app will not work if you have lost your device over a large distance. For example, if you have lost your Pencil in train or bus, you should not try to find the device at home. The app gives good results if you have lost the device in the last couple of minutes.

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With all these things in mind, use your Apple Pencil carefully; keep it always with you and put it in a place, which is familiar to your eyes. Do you think Bluetooth Finder helps you find the lost Apple Pencil? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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