How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

Do you remember the year when Apple revealed AirPods? So many of us thought it an incredulous design that we almost made a bet it would not last for long.

How wrong were we? Just when iOS users began to appreciate the wireless feature, Samsung presented the world with Galaxy Buds.

Now they are superior alternatives to the AirPods in terms of functions, design, and convenience. What we wish to know, though, is mainly about the case. Is it as fantastic as the buds inside?

What do they offer, and what happens when you lose the case? Let us discuss how to find lost Galaxy buds case if, by any chance, you drop them in a bus/street.

If you are considering the product, how about we begin with a brief overview of it?


Galaxy Earbuds Features

There is no way we can finish describing the overall advantages and features the Galaxy Buds offer. However, this is only the brief version to give you an idea of what you will achieve once purchased.

The Galaxy Buds

galaxy buds


They are compact in comparison to AirPods. The design is so neatly put it seems almost undetectable by another person when you tuck them into your ears.

While the small design feels amazing before the dangling wired earphones, it also comes with a disadvantage. Imagine dropping one of them in a public area or transportation.

On the other hand, they have a super grip that is difficult to slip. So, that saves the day. As for the sound quality, the AKG and Samsung deliver the users premium grade sound with innovative control options.

It even offers a gesture feature Ambient Noise, where you may choose how much background noise you wish to let in! The whole sound quality offers soothing balance to your ears as you listen to music while maintaining the surrounding noise.

These wireless buds have become somewhat of a symbol of the company’s innovative technology. Hence, the newest Samsung smartphones have excluded the earphone jack entirely.

So you will have to invest in the Galaxy Buds in case you plan to get the newest model.


The Case

galaxy buds case


Now the associated case in Galaxy Buds is an entirely different episode. It is simple yet extraordinary at effectiveness with charging features.

Once you store the buds inside the case, it will begin the automatic charging. You will get a full 13 hours of nonstop audio time when on the go.

The charged case adds extra 7 hours to the playtime. You can fit the thing in your grip with ease. It also indicates no storing space is lost as you pack it in a small bag either.

In another word, the case and the earbuds are most fitting for people who are always busy with work while communicating.

On top of that, the whole device is waterproof and pairs easily with Windows platforms.


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How to Find Galaxy Buds?

galaxy wearable app


This is a tough situation for any latest Samsung smartphone users since these models have no headphone jack. So when you lose the Galaxy Buds, you will have to go to an extra length to find them.

In this context, acquiring them back after losing is incredibly tough, especially when you are outside. Besides, you might not find them when they fall into a nook you did not know existed in your house.

We are so glad Samsung has considered this matter before launching them in the markets.

Now suppose you are missing a Galaxy bud somewhere at home. There is furniture all around, making things complex. You can follow this method to trace its steps:

1. Galaxy Wearable App

The moment you buy the Galaxy Buds or a smartwatch, make sure to install the Galaxy Wearable app. You can ignore this if you use the newest Samsung smartphone.

Launch the app and connect it to the Galaxy Buds right away. It will help find them in the future. However, have you forgotten to connect the buds to the app but lost one of them already? Be sure to be within the Bluetooth range.

This reminds us, this method will not work unless you are within the proximity of the Galaxy Buds signal.


2. Find My Earbuds

The option Find My Earbuds will appear when you connect the units. Hit the option and remain quiet to hear a beep sound somewhere around you.


3. Follow the Beep

Do not worry if the beeping stops. The sound will get louder after each passing time. It will assist in following the sound more precisely. Of course, the situation will differ if you are outside in a coffee shop or a mall.

The beeping will continue for about three minutes, within which you should get closer to the vicinity. You can turn off the beeping with the stop button when you find the missing bud.


Can You Find Galaxy Buds Case with/without Earbuds Inside?

galaxy bud case with earbuds


There have been many reports of users losing their Galaxy Buds, including the case. This is the core topic of our article, which will explain what you should do in such a state.

We will not get your hopes up. Samsung may have thought of tracking the missing buds with Bluetooth, but it has not come up with an answer when the case is involved.

For example, one of the users asked for help when he lost the case, along with the earbuds. Despite the devastating loss, there was nothing anyone could do, for the case was closed shut.

You cannot find the buds via Galaxy Wearable app unless the case is open for the Bluetooth signal to transmit.

Another example includes a person losing the case only. In this case, you must have it to recharge the buds in the future. Now the case does not include any Bluetooth connection to provide a tracking system.

You will have to purchase a new set again!


How to Charge Galaxy Buds Without the Case?

price of galaxy buds without the case


We have already mentioned how it is impossible to charge the Galaxy Buds without the case. Still, people who have invested in this device wish to find a hidden trick or solution to work with the buds without purchasing the whole new set.

Some of you may have heard the utilization of the Galaxy smartphones with Wireless PowerShare. Let us tell you that it is possible only with S10, 10+, and 10e models.

You will still require the case for the charging to function. Placing the earbuds on the phone alone will not solve the missing case issue.

There is no other option but to get a new one, buds and case included. However, you may contact Samsung and describe your situation to see if they can help you obtain only the case.

It is throwing rocks in the dark, but it is worth the try!


Final Word

All in all, it is not about finding the Galaxy buds case but whether you can continue using the set without it.

It is not in your hands when the case slips from the pocket or you misplace it somewhere. However, you can try storing it in a zippered compartment to avoid losing it.

If you have lost the entire case recently, this article about how to find Galaxy buds case might help you gain some answers.

We hope Samsung considers the feature of implementing some kind of connection, like Bluetooth, on the case too. It will elevate the spirits of many Galaxy Buds owners out there.


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