How to Get Keyboard Passcode on iPhone X

Once you have setup Face ID on your iPhone X, you always want to use your face to unlock your device. But there are many situations when you have to use a keypad to enter a passcode on your iPhone X. When the TrueDepth camera fails to see your face or when your face is covered, you may have to use the keypad to type in the passcode. Faced any such instance? Here is how to quickly get keyboard passcode on iPhone X.

To get passcode keypad show instantly on your iPhone X, you need to take a quick action. But remember that the normal process of accessing keypad on your iPhone X always tests your patience, and therefore, users always look for some quick procedure show passcode keypad on iPhone X. When users swipe up on iPhone X to unlock the device, the keypad appears after a few seconds; and these few seconds are difficult to tolerate.

How to Get Keyboard Passcode on iPhone X

How to Quickly Access Keypad to Type in Passcode on iPhone X

Step #1: Hold your iPhone X in your hands and swipe up as though you wished to unlock your device.

Step #2: If you have enabled Raise to Wake and/or Tap to Wake on your iPhone X, simply do this.

Step #3: Since your face is covered by something or if the TrueDepth camera doesn’t work, you will see Face ID label on the screen.

Step #4: Without wasting a second, tap on that Face ID label seen on your iPhone X screen.

This will quickly show your passcode keypad on your iPhone X.

Note that in normal conditions, your iPhone X will take only three seconds to show you that passcode keypad; but when you are in hurry, why should you wait for those three seconds? An impatient user will always appreciate quick access to passcode keyboard on his/her iPhone X.

That’s all friends!

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