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The notification alert system has been made much advanced in iOS 11. Be it an email, message or any other activity, you are kept updated with their notifications all the time. Sometimes it happens that you are engaged in a very interesting conversation which is private as long as the phone is in your hand. The moment you leave your phone, the lock screen or notification panel gets flooded with those messages. If it is visible on the lock screen, it also means that any other person can see your personal messages from there. This is one major problem with notification previews. Thankfully, you can hide notifications preview in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

In the iOS 11 update, you can stop notifications from displaying on the lock screen of iPhone or iPad. Choose whether they will show up on the notification panel or on the lock screen. You can turn off the notifications preview in iOS 11 from settings menu or revert them to their original form when needed. This is how you should get it done.

How to Hide Notifications Preview on iPhone and iPad running iOS 11

Step #1: Open “Settings”.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2: Tap on “Notifications”.

Tap on Notifications

Step #3: Select the option “Show Previews”.

Tap on Show Previews

Step #4: You will be displayed three options for viewing or hiding the notifications in certain manners: Always, When Unlocked, and Never.

Step #5: Tap on “Never”.

Choose Never to Stop Notifications Previews from Showing

After selecting this option, you won’t receive any notification from that point onward.

How to Disable Notification Preview from Showing Up on Lock screen on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

If you want the notification previews to display on the home screen but on the lock screen, there’s a solution too. Follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Navigate to “Settings” and open it.

Step #2: Tap on “Notifications”.

Tap on Notifications

Step #3: Select the option “Show Previews”.

Tap on Show Previews

Step #4: Again you will be displayed the same three options. This time select “When Unlocked”.

Choose UNLOCKED to Disable Notifications Previews from Showing up on lock screen

By doing so, notifications won’t show up on the lock screen anymore.

How to Enable Notification Preview in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

To revert the settings to its original state, follow the same procedure till you arrive at the same window again consisting of those three different options.

Step #1: Launch Settings app → Notifications → Show Preview.

Step #2: Finally, tap on choose “Always’.

Choose Always to Re-enable Notifications Previews

This will enable the notification previews to display both on the home screen and the lock screen.


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Now that you have learned how to hide notification previews in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad, no need to worry about others’ interference. They won’t be able to peep or take a glimpse of your personal activities again.

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