How to Install GBA4iOS in iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone to Play Retro Games

Want to play retro games on your iPhone? You need to install GBA4iOS on your iOS device running iOS 10 or iOS 11. Our fascination with retro games will never die down, and therefore, we still love to play classic games like Super Nintendo and Atari. However, with changing consoles, we want to play those retro games on iPhone and iPad. Since emulator apps are not available on App Store, retro game lovers have to work on a trick to install the retro games on their iOS device.

Check the method below to play some classic games on your iPhone or iPad with the help of GBA4iOS.

How to Install GBA4iOS in iOS 10:iOS 11 on iPhone to Play Retro Games

Points to Ponder

  • Though there is no harm in downloading GBA4iOS on your iOS device, we advise you to go ahead at your own risk.
  • You can play old and out of use video games like Super Nintendo or Atari on your iPhone/iPad or computer by using “Emulators”. These games are copied from cartridges or CDs and made into ROMs (Read-Only-Memory).
  • Since ROMs are protected by copyright, the law doesn’t permit you to download them.
  • We do not recommend you to download ROMs.

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 or iOS 11

The method is quite simple to install GBA4iOS on iOS 10/iOS 11 enabled iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step #1: Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad, and type

Step #2: Now tap on ‘Apps’.

Tap on App iEmulators on iPhone

There are several iOS emulators and apps listed there; scroll down and tap on GBA4iOS 2.1.

Tap on GBA4iOS 2.1 in iPhone

Step #3: Next, tap on Download Page button.

Tap on Download Page GBA4iOS 2.1 on iPhone

Step #4: Scroll down once more and you will find two versions of GBA4iOS 2.1 – one is SIGNED and another is DATE THICK.

Step #5: You need to select SIGNED version.

Now you are on the Install page; tap on Install button from the bottom. And then again tap on Install GBA4iOS 2.1.

Install GBA4iOS 2.1 on iPhone

It will take a couple of seconds, and then a pop-up appears on your device screen asking you to install GBA4iOS. Tap on Install again.

Tap on Install to Start Installing GBA4iOS 2.1 on iPhone

Once the installation process is finished, you can see GBA4iOS app on the home screen of your iOS device.

Step #6: Next, you need to run GBA4iOS on your iPhone; for this purpose, you need to trust a third-party profile.

Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management → Under ENTERPRISE APP, tap on NARI Group Corporation.

Step #7: Now you need to tap on Trust “NARI Group Corporation”.

A pop-up appears and it reads that trusting iPhone Distribution: NARI Group Corporation apps on this iPhone will allow any app from this enterprise developer to be used on your iPhone and may allow access to your data.

Step #8: Tap on Trust.

Trust GBA4iOS 2.1 Profile on iPhone

That’s it! You have successfully installed GBA4iOS on your iPhone.

Now is the time to download ROMs for your choice of games and enjoy them to the fullest.

How to Download ROMs of Pokemon, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Fire Emblem on iPhone/iPad

Step #1: Open GBA4iOS on your iOS device.

You will be asked to allow the app to send notifications; tap on Allow.

Note that there will be some ads to annoy you; but to fulfill your desire to play retro games, you have to tolerate them.

Launch GBA4iOS app on iPhone

Step #2: Next, tap on the search button from the upper right corner.

Tap on Search in GBA4iOS app on iPhone

Step #3: Now choose game series to find ROM.

There are Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Mega-Man Battle Network, Golden Sun, Kirby, Fire Emblem, and Contra. If you don’t find your favorite game on the list, you can make a request to the developers by tapping on Request ROM button in the green.

Here, I am going to select The Legend of Zelda; it is a mixture of action, battle gameplay puzzles, and exploration, and therefore, it’s my favorite. Next, there will be several versions to select from. If the developer is testing any version, it will bear ‘Under test’ term next to each version. You can tap on your choice of the version from the list.

Tap on Rom of Games on GBA4iOS app on iPhone

Step #4: Then tap on Download button, and then give a game name.

Download Retro Games Using GBA4iOS app on iPhone

Save a Retro Game in GBA4iOS app on iPhone

Play Retro Games on iPhone

Your downloaded games will be seen under ALL section. Tap on the game you want to play.

How to Delete/Remove GBA4iOS App from iPhone

Though it is hard to get fed up with such classic games, in case you find any security threat to your iOS device, you may want to get rid of the GBA4iOS app. It is quite simple; follow the steps to delete GBA4iOS app from your device.

Launch Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management → NARI Group Corporation → Delete App → Delete App again.

Delete GBA4iOS Enterprise Profile from iPhone

That’s all friends!

There is a unique charm in playing retro games and GBA4iOS has made it possible for game aficionados to play these classic games. Which retro game would you like to play?

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