Camera is one of the most used apps in iPhone or iPad. Every common user has developed this hobby of taking pictures and everybody wants to be a pro lens man to impress people at social functions or events.

Recording videos is another leisure pursuit for many users. Once you record a video on your iPhone or iPad, you also need to edit the clip by deleting or trimming a portion of the entire video.

iPhones and iPads offer a feature to record, trim, edit and share your videos. For beginners, they need to learn how to record and trim a video on iPhone or iPad. In this information, we will deal with four basic aspects of camera app viz. recording, editing, trimming and sharing videos.

How to Record, Crop, Edit, and Share Videos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 & 10

How to Record videos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Step #1: Open Camera app on your iOS device.

Tap on Camera App

Step #2: By default, you are on Photo mode; you need to swipe to right to bring Video mode or tap on video directly.

Tap on Video

Step #3: Tap on the red button to start recording videos.

Tap on Red Button

Step #4: During recording, you can tap to focus any time; hold down on the screen to lock the focus. Long press the screen until you see AE/AF lock text appears.

Step #5: Tap the red button again to stop recording videos.

Tap on Red Button to Stop

How to Trim/Cut or Crop videos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Step #1: Open Photos app on iPhone/iPad.

Launch Photos app

Step #2: Tap open a video you want to trim from Camera Roll or Videos folder.

Select on Any Video

Step #3: Now tap on three horizontal lines next to Like button. This sequence may change if you have held your iPhone or iPad horizontally. This will open an editing bar with two anchors on left and right.

Tap on Horizontal Lines

Step #4: You can see a white bar to drag from left to right. Drag this bar from left to right to select the portion you want to trim. Now drag any anchor from left or right to trim the video. This action will turn the anchors to yellow. You can also notice that Done button also turns yellow.

White Bar to Select Portion You Want to Cut from Video

Step #5: Tap on Done button; you will be asked to Trim Original video or Save as New Clip. Select any one option and your job is done.

Tap on Done and Save a New Clip

How to Share video from your iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Step #1: Open Photos or Videos folder from iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Tap on the video you wish to share or select any video from videos folder.

Tap on Any Video you want to Share

Step #3: Next, tap on Share button from the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Tap on Share button

Step #4: Now choose the medium through which you want to share video from the list.

Select any Medium to Share Video

How to Edit videos on iPhone or iPad

If you are not satisfied with the option to trim videos on your iOS device, you can open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and download your choice of video editing apps. These apps allow you to add filters, adjust, stabilize, add titles and transitions.

Camera app has got many interesting new features in the latest iPhones and iOS 11 & 10. Explore this app and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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