Red dot on Apple Watch face has created brouhaha on many forums. People keep asking questions about that red dot appearing on Apple watch; why there is a red dot on Apple Watch screen and how to get rid of that notification indicator on Apple Watch face. These are the two main concerns of Apple Watch users, who normally don’t want to receive notifications on their smart watch. If you have any query about that celebrated dot, here is how to remove red dot from Apple Watch.

There are two ways you can hide that Apple watch red dot on top. In this tutorial, we will deal with both the solutions. You don’t have to do anything on your Apple Watch; the process takes in your paired iPhone, so make sure that your iPhone is well paired with your Apple Watch.

How to Remove Red Dot from Apple Watch

How to Remove Red Dot from Apple Watch 1, Series 2  and Series 3

If you think that red dot won’t go away, you need to check the steps mentioned below. You can actually turn off the red dot by following two simple methods.

Note that red dot basically shows that you have received notifications on your Apple Watch. Since your smart watch mirrors contents of your iPhone, you receive all those alerts and notifications on your watch for a quick glance. Though you can always turn off notifications on Apple Watch, it is a good idea to keep them enabled for a quick look. But if you want to get rid of that small red mark or dot, you can simply clear all notifications on Apple Watch at once. Since all your Apple Watch notifications are deleted, you won’t see that red dot again or at least until you receive another notification on watch.

Once you clear all your notifications, you won’t be able to see them again; this is the drawback of the action. However, if you have made up your mind to remove that red dot from Apple Watch, you can turn off Notification Indicator.

How to Turn Off Notification Indicator from Apple Watch

Step #1: Open Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: Now tap on Watch tab from the bottom menu.

Tap on My Watch Tab in Watch App on iPhone

Step #3: Next, tap on Notifications from the list.

Tap on Notification in Watch App on iPhone

Step #4: Here, simply toggle Notification Indicator turn off.

Turn OFF notification indicator for Apple watch to remove red dot on Apple watch

Now take a quick look on your Apple Watch face, from where the red dot is removed. To bring back that red dot, simple turn on Notification Indicator on your watch.

That’s it!

It’s a simple method to follow for any user. I personally recommend that users should keep that red dot there on the watch face as it indicates that you have received notifications on your Apple Watch. This will help you take some action on those notifications – want to reply or just to delete them.

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