Facebook is rolling out super cool features for its users. This year has marked the arrival of user-friendly features from Facebook. If you save features like playing football, basketball & chess on Facebook’s Messenger app, there are quite a few others that can impress you.

But this one, i.e. sending and receiving money in Facebook Messenger, has sealed the lips of critics, who always opine that Facebook is to kill time. When it comes to finance, everybody becomes serious and I am sure that users also have taken this feature quite sincerely. Though there can be some doubt about the safety in sending and receiving money through Facebook Messenger app; only time will tell.

As of now, people are interested to know how to send and receive money through Facebook Messenger. Quite a few have started to send money to experience the feature themselves. You can also do this by following some steps mentioned below.

Note that this feature is enabled on Android as well as iOS devices; you can send payment through Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone and iPhone as well.

How to Send and Receive Money Through Facebook Messenger on iPhone/Android

Sending and receiving money in the easiest way is need of the hour. Perhaps this is why Facebook has introduced the facility at the right moment.


Step #1: It is mandatory to add your debit card, and hence, tap on the Profile icon in your Facebook Messenger.

Step #2: Next, tap on Payments (if you are using any iOS device, tap on Settings and then Payments).

Step #3: Enter your Debit card info and finish the process.

Step #4: Now open the chat of a contact whom you want to send money.

Step #5: Tap on ellipsis (three horizontal dots) beside the microphone icon.

Step #6: You need to tap on Payments and tap on Next quickly to avoid the screen.

Step #7: Type in the amount you want to send and write the reason of sending money.

Step #8: Finally, tap on Pay button.

How to Receive Money on Facebook Messenger

Step #1: To receive payment from your contact, tap on Request button seen at the top of your FB Messenger screen.

Step #2: Type in the amount and reason why you want money. And then tap on Request button to finish this procedure.

Please note that the feature is available in the United States only; this means you and your friends should be living in this country. For people who belong to other countries, they have to wait to lay their hands on this amazing feature.

A user should be 18 years and above; one has to add Visa or Master debit card issued by a US bank. And don’t forget to set US dollars as preferred currency.

Interestingly, Facebook doesn’t charge users to send and receive money in Facebook Messenger; the facility is free for all users. Make a note that the feature only helps users who want to send and receive money for their personal use and not for the business purpose.

If you have registered a debit card issued by US bank, money will be deposited instantly. But your bank may take at least five business days to make money available to you.

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