Voice Messages have made texting nearly defunct as people have begun to lose their thumb strengths required for typing long messages. Given the smaller keyboard on the smaller screens on smartphones, spelling mistakes are most likely. Hence, smartphone users have warmly accepted this new way of communication: send voice messages.

WhatsApp has also integrated this feature and users enjoy this voice messaging spree. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype users likely to make landline calls using the apps (if there India’s government clears the legal aspects). This will be a great achievement for these apps and Facebook might follow suit.

But currently, let’s check how you can use Facebook messenger to send voice messages from iPhone, Android or Windows PC.

How to Send Voice Messages with Facebook Messenger from iPhone/Android Phone and PC

Before you go ahead, make sure that you have got the latest version of Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone and Android phone. If not, better download now. For your Android phone, click on this link and iPhone users can follow this link. Post download, log in with your user id and password.

Now start following below mentioned steps.

Step #1: Launch Facebook Messenger on your Android phone and iPhone.

Launch Facebook Messenger app on your Android phone.

By default, you will land on contacts screen.

Step #2: Tap on any contact you want to send Voice Message to.

Select Contact from Facebook Messenger

Now check the bottom menu, where you will find different options like adding photo, video, emoticons etc. One of the options is Microphone.

Step #3: Tap on this Microphone icon.

Tap on Microphone

Step #4: Now you can see a big circle in red color with “Record” written on the circle.

Step #5: To send voice message, press and hold the red icon and record your message (note that you should not take your finger off the button until you finish recording).

Tap on Record

Step #6: Now take your finger off that button and your message will be sent to the contact.

If you don’t want to send message, just swipe your finger in any direction on the phone screen. The app will tell you to “Release to cancel recording”.

Step #7: Release the finger and your voice message will be cancelled.

Release to Cancel Recording

Now, let’s check how you can send voice messages from your personal computer.

How to Send Voice Messages on Facebook Messenger from Personal Computer

Pro-users must be aware of a browser version of Facebook Messenger, which can be used on desktop or laptop computer. All you need to do is to open https://www.messenger.com in browser and follow below mentioned steps.

Step #2: Log in with your Facebook ID and password.

By default, it shows your Facebook contacts on the left navigation panel. In the middle, you will see the current or last conversation thread, and on the right, you can see information of the contact you are having conversation.

Step #3: Click on any contact you want to send a voice message to.

Click on any contact you want to send a voice message to.

Step #4: Check the bottom menu below the conversation thread. This is similar to the one you find in the Messenger app in your iPhone and Android phone.

Step #5: Hover the mouse over microphone icon; you will find a tool-tip text: Send a voice clip.

Step #6: Click on this microphone icon.

Click on Microphone from Messenger.com

A small box will appear with red circle bearing a text: Record.

Step #7: Click on this red circle.

Click on Record

A small dialog box at the upper left corner of your computer screen will appear; it asks you: https://www.messenger.com wants use your microphone.

Step #8: Click on Allow.

Click on Allow

Step #9: Now come back to that red circle and click on it again.

Step #10: Start recording your voice message as the red circle shows a white square inside.

Start recording your voice message as the red circle shows a white square inside.

Step #11: Once you finish your message, just click on that red circle and your message will be sent to the selected contact.

Your Voice Message will be sent to the selected contact

Note that there is a Cancel button to stop recording your message, which will be cancelled immediately.

Now start using this feature on your iPhone, Android phone and computer, and send your voice messages to your loved ones. Hope you like this feature of sending voice message on facebook messenger from iPhone, Android and Windows PC. Share your feedback on this with us. We are available on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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