When you have got Apple Watch, why you should use Clock app on your iPhone to create and manage alarms. Your Apple Watch also comes with a built-in Alarms app to wake you up any time. Moreover, haptic feature on Apple Watch ensures that you get up even though you may turn deaf ears to the alarm ring.

There is another reason to create and manage alarms on Apple Watch. Note that alarms on your smartwatch are absolutely different from the alarms on your iPhone’s Clock app.

If you open Alarms app on your Apple Watch, you don’t see alarms from the iPhone; same thing happens when you launch alarms on your iPhone. This doesn’t mean that iPhone alarms don’t work with Apple Watch; in fact they do work.

If you have put your Apple Watch on your wrist, the alarm on iPhone will send the alarm through your Watch. You can snooze or dismiss the alarm on any device so that you don’t need to mute them on both devices.

In this information, we will deal with how you can create alarms on your Apple Watch; note that these alarms will be self-regulating and you don’t need to touch your iPhone. It is better to create and manage alarms on Apple Watch as your iPhone may be out of your reach in the morning; or maybe your phone is running on low battery. Moreover, a wake-up call from your wrist will certainly you wake you up (if you tend to wear your smartwatch while sleeping). For any reason, you can setup alarms on your Apple Watch without using your iPhone.


How to Setup New Alarms on Apple Watch

Step #1: Open Alarms app on Apple Watch.

Step #2: Hard press on the screen and tap New.

Step #3: Tap Change Time on the top to set an alarm.

Step #4: Tap on Done when you finish the process.

Step #5: On your Apple Watch, you can also make changes in repeating alarm; moreover, you can use Siri to add an alarm name.

Step #6: Once all changes are done, tap on Edit Alarm seen at the top right to exit the edit screen.

How to Edit, Disable and Delete Alarms on Apple Watch

Step #1: Fire up Alarms app on your smartwatch.

Step #2: Tap the alarm you want to edit or delete.

Step #3: If you wish to edit, you can change the details like time and AM/PM.

Step #4: Want to disable alarm for a while? Gently swipe the toggle button from right to left. You can see this toggle switch next to the alarm’s name.

Step #5: Near the bottom of your watch screen, there is a Delete button; tap on it to delete the alarm.

That’s it! Isn’t it simple and easy? Now go ahead and create & manage alarms on your Apple Watch.

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