When you use HomePod at your home, you get the unparalleled joy of music, and if there are two HomePods, you get the musical extravaganza of a soundbar. And now, your HomePod is going to be connected with your Apple TV. Celebrate the festival called music at home; but first, you need to setup and use HomePod with Apple TV.

Before you go ahead with Setting up HomePod with Apple TV, you need to setup your HomePod with your iOS device as you cannot connect your voice-enabled speaker directly to your Apple TV. Moreover, after setting up HomePod with your smart TV, you cannot control the playback on your Apple TV; this you need to do from the Siri remote.

How to Setup and Use HomePod with Apple TV

How to Setup and Use HomePod with Apple TV

What do you need?

  • A HomePod, which is already setup with iPhone and iPad
  • Apple TV 4th Generation or Newer
  • HomePod and Apple TV must be connected with the same Wi-Fi network

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How to setup HomePod with Apple TV

Setting up HomePod with your Apple TV is same as you are setting any AirPlay-enabled Speakers on Apple TV.

Step #1: Open Settings on your Apple TV.

Step #2: Next, Choose Video and Audio.

Step #3: Now, Select Audio Output.

Step #4: Under Other Speaker, Select your Apple HomePod.

How to Remove HomePod from Apple TV

If you don’t want to Play audio on HomePod from your Apple tv, the just remove the check mark from speaker options.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your Apple TV.

Step #2:  Select Video and Audio option and click on Audio Output.

Step #3:  Finally, uncheck your HomePod device under Other Speakers.

As mentioned above, when you use two HomePods in your home, you get the effect of a soundbar. Do you have two HomePods? Go ahead and set up both for ultimate music experience.

How to Setup Two HomePods in One Room to enjoy FullRoom or Stereo Sound

For FullRoom or Stereo Sound experience, you need to have patience as the HomePod doesn’t support this technology.

However, you can easily setup two HomePods for that FullRoom sound. When you set up the two, both will detect each other automatically; they will strike the right balance of sound between each other.

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Apple brings its smart speaker late in the market as Amazon and Google have already captured this segment with their range of Echo and Home devices.

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