Many curious minds enrol for Apple Beta Software Program just to know everything first. But after the final release of software, they are fed up with those 7-8 updates they have received before. Remember that if you have signed up for Apple Beta Software Program, you will receive updates even after the final version is released by Apple. Hence, it is advisable to unenroll your Mac to stop getting macOS High Sierra beta updates.

If you are using iOS devices and Apple TV, you can remove iOS Beta Software Profile and tvOS public betas.

How to Stop Receiving macOS High Sierra Beta Updates on Mac

Step #1: Click on Apple  menu and choose System Preferences.

Step #2: From the list of Preferences, you need to select App Store icon.

Step #3: Click on ‘Change…’ button in front of “Your computer is set to receive beta software updates”.

Step #4: Next, a dialog box appears on your Mac asking if you like to show or hide software updates.

Step #5: You can click on ‘Do Not Show Beta Software Updates’.

This will stop sending public betas to your Mac. You can always install the next commercial version of macOS from the Mac App Store.

That’s it!

You have unenrolled your Mac to stop receiving public betas. You can then leave Apple Beta Software Program to stop receiving mails regarding Apple Beta Software Program. Note that once you leave this software program, you cannot submit your feedback from Feedback Assistant.

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