If you are using your iOS device a lot to surf web pages and finding difficulties in reading foreign language content, then don’t worry here we have found few top-notch apps that can automatically translate webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPad. I know some of you may be using Google’s translate bookmarklet, but the app we have tested is much better than that.

The Apps we have found to translate the webpage into your preferred language quickly in safari are Microsoft Translator and iTranslate. Here we are going to demonstrate you Microsoft Translate App as it is free. iTranslate is a paid app, and it will cost you $4.99/monthly after seven days free trial.

How to Translate Web Pages in Safari on iPhone and iPad

How to Translate Webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPad

The Microsoft Translator apps support 60 translation languages and also includes other features like voice translation, multi-person conversation, phrasebook for verified translations, etc. To Translate any webpage using Microsoft translator you need add browser extension to Safari on your iOS device.

How to Add Microsoft Translator Browser Extension to Safari on iOS Device

Step #1: Download Microsoft Translator on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Launch Safari browser and tap on the share button.

Step #3: Now, swipe left in the last row and tap on More button.

Tap on Share icon in Safari and tap on More

Step #4: Next, toggle on Microsoft translator app and then tap on Done button.

Activate Microsoft Translator for Safari on iPhone and iPad

You can also drag the app to the top of the row so that you can access it quickly whenever you want it.

To select your preferred language, you need to open the Microsoft Translator app and tap on Settings icon from the bottom right corner.

Open Microsoft Translator App on iPhone and iPad

Tap on Settings in Microsoft Translator App on iPhone and iPad

After that tap on Safari Language Translation and choose your desired language.

Tap on Safari Translation Language and Choose Language in Microsoft Translator App

Translate Web pages in Safari

Step #1: Open Safari browser on your iOS device.

Open Safari on iPhone or iPad

Step #2: Go to the website which content you want to translate.

Step #3: Now, tap on the share icon from the bottom.

Tap on Share icon in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #4: Next, choose Microsoft Translator.

Choose Microsoft Translator to Translate Webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPad

That’s it!! The webpage has been translated into your desired language and you can repeat the same process to translate any other web pages.

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