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When you bring the latest Apple TV home, you are all excited to use it immediately (you can’t curb your excitement, it happens). But when you see the product, you realize that there are no buttons on it. You wonder how one can turn off Apple TV.

But in the first place, how one can turn on Apple TV. For any user, one question pops up in mind: is there different methods to turn on and turn off Apple TVs that belong to different generations? The latest Apple TV belongs to fourth generation, and there were three versions already launched in previous years. The answer is yes; users need to employ different methods to turn on and off Apple TV of different generations.

How to Turn Off Apple TV

How to Turn Off Apple TV: All Models

Turn off Apple TV Fourth Generation

You can either use remote or on-screen commands to turn off 4th Generation Apple TV.

With Remote

Step #1: Press and hold the Home button on your Siri remote (check the icon of a TV on Home button).

Step #2: There are two options for you on screen: Sleep Now and Cancel.

Step #3: You need to choose Sleep Now and click the touchpad to put your Apple TV into sleep mode.

With Onscreen Instructions

Step #1: Open Settings app.

Step #2: Scroll down to Sleep Now menu and click the touchpad to choose it.

Turn Off Apple TV 3rd and 2nd Generation

Step #1: You need to put your Apple TV (third and second generation) on Standby (steps below):

With Remote

Hold down the Play/Pause button for 5 odd seconds and Apple TV goes to Sleep mode.

With On-screen Instructions

Step #1: Open Settings.

Step #2: Scroll down the options in Settings to Sleep Now; then choose this option.

Step #3: On the screen, you can see a wheel progressing as your Apple TV goes to sleep.

Turn off Apple TV (1st Generation and Apple TV Take 2)

You can follow the steps to turn off both – Apple TV 1st Generation and Apple TV Take 2.

With Remote

Step #1: Press and hold Play/Pause button for approximately 5 seconds and your Apple TV goes to sleep.

With On-screen Instructions

Step #1: Open Settings.

Step #2: Choose Standby from the options listed in Settings.

How to Change Auto-Sleep Settings on Apple TV

Not happy with manual process of turning off Apple TV? You can employ another process, which allows you to control when the Apple TV automatically goes to sleep after a brief period of idleness. By this method, you can save power.

Change this setting:

Step #1: Open the Settings app.

Step #2: Next, choose General.

Step #3: Now you need to choose Sleep After.

Step #4: Here, you are offered different durations: Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, or 10 hours. You need to decide how quickly you want the Apple TV to go to sleep once you are idle.

How to Turn Apple TV ON

It is a breeze to turn on your Apple TV if it is in Sleep mode. Just press any button on your Remote, and the status life on the front of Apple TV comes to life, and then you can see Apple TV home screen.

Some users use Remote app on iOS devices; for such users, they can simply open the app and tap any of the on-screen buttons.

That’s it!

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