How to Turn Off Personal Request on HomePod

HomePod’s personal request is a useful feature on the surface. You can ask Siri to read your messages, set reminders or access your notes.

However, unlike Amazon Echo and Google Home, where you can train the device to recognize your voice, HomePod doesn’t have this feature. This clearly means that anybody in your household with access to your Wi-Fi network has easy access to your private information.

Worse, s/he can read your personal content and send an answer to your messages as well. So what is the solution? Simple: turn off personal requests on HomePod.

Disabling personal requests on HomePod will prevent other users from accessing your iOS device information like messages, reminder or notes.

As you cannot individualize voice recognition on HomePod, you need to turn off personal requests on your HomePod. Note that you can turn off personal requests during the procedure of setting up your HomePod. Alternatively, you can also enable or disable personal requests later using the Home app.


How to Disable Personal Requests on HomePod

Disable Personal Requests During HomePod setup

ways to disable personal requests on homepod

After getting enough information on how personal requests can disclose your private information, nobody would like to use this feature on HomePod. And therefore, one must turn it off during the HomePod setup.

Step #1: Bring your HomePod near iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Tap on Setup

Step #3: Choose the HomeKit Room from your HomePod.

Step #4: Tap on Not Now to turn off Personal requests else tap on Enable Personal requests.


How to Turn Off Personal Requests on HomePod from Home App

ways to turn off personal requests on homepod from home app

When you are setting up HomePod for the first time, Apple asks you if you wish to enable personal requests on or off. You may not be aware of its consequences and you may have turned it on.

Later you realize how personal requests encroach upon your privacy. Thankfully, Apple allows you to disable personal requests later on.

Step #1: Open the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2: From the top right, tap on location arrow i.e add Home button

Step #3: Tap on your Profile Photo.

Step #4: Tap on Personal Requests.

Step #5: Here you need to toggle off Personal Requests option to disable for your Apple HomePod.

Step #6: To require authentication on iPhone or iPad, select For Secure Requests.


How to Enable Personal Requests on HomePod from Home App

ways to enable personal requests on homepod from home app

At any time you want to enable personal requests on HomePod then follow this below-mentioned steps.

Step #1: Launch Home app on your iPhone or iPad device.

Step #2: Tap on add Home button

Step #3: Now, tap on your Profile Picture.

Step #4: Next, tap on Personal Requests.

Step #5: Toggle ON Personal Requests options.

Step #6: At last, Choose For Secure Requests to require authentication.

That’s it!


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