If you think that Alexa can manage only devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap, this information will make you change your thinking. Alexa can now operate your iPhone and iPad; this means, users can use Alexa on iPhone or iPad.

As of now, this feature is available only on iPhone and iPad; Android users have to wait for some time until Alexa is available on Android devices. Moreover, this feature is working on Amazon app in USA; if you are not in USA, you can change the country-language on Amazon app on your iOS device. (I have mentioned steps below to change country-language on Amazon app).

How to Use Alexa on Your iPhone

But what is Amazon app is doing here? That question will always irritate your mind as long as app developers enable Alexa to operate iPhone and iPad.

Before you move ahead, a few precautions:

Amazon Alexa app has nothing to do here. You are not supposed to download this app on your device.

If you are not in USA, your Amazon app won’t work. You have to change the country-language on your iOS device to use Amazon USA store.

To Access Amazon US store:

Step #1: Open Amazon app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Amazon Shopping App

Step #2: Tap on Hamburger icon from the top left corner.

Tap on Hamburger icon

Step #3: A menu will appear with a few options; tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings

Step #4: Next, tap on Country & Language option.

Tap on Country & Language option

Step #5: You can see your own country and language option there; you need to tap on Country (Name of the country).

Tap on Country

Step #6: Under the title ‘Countries available in English’, you will find United States. Tap on the radio button next to United States.

Tap on the radio button next to United States.

Step #7: Tap on Done button.

Tap on Done

Now you are on Amazon USA store, where you can see that Microphone icon.

Apart from Amazon, you can use many USA-centric apps on your iOS device even if you are not in USA. Change App Store Country Region in iPhone or iPad and you can use apps of countries of your choice.

How to Use Alexa on iPhone or iPad

Once your Amazon store is changed to USA, you can perform multiple actions with Alexa voice assistant.

Step #1: The app will ask you to sign in with your email and Amazon password.

sign in with your email

Step #2: After logging in successfully, you can see what you can do with Alexa commands; the app allows you to reorder your products, search for products, play music and a lot more other things.

Microphone Icon on Amazon App

Step #3: Now allow microphone access to the app so that it can take your commands.

Now allow microphone access

Step #4: A pop-up will appear asking you to give access to Microphone; tap on OK button.

Tap on OK button

Now you can ask Alexa to perform tasks like ‘Play my Kindle book’, ‘Reorder paper towels’, ‘Who is Abraham Lincoln’, and things like that.

Remember that Alexa cannot work like Siri does on your iPhone or iPad; it cannot take commands like, ‘set an alarm’, ‘send an email’ etc.

Since Amazon is dedicated to shopping, it is not natural for this app to switch on lights or tell you climate in your city. Amazon has to come up with a lot of improvements in future to be acceptable among users.

While you are using Amazon, you can try some Alexa commands for Amazon Echo on your iPhone or iPad. This will give a clearer picture of how capable Alexa is on your iOS device.

For Android users, they should not feel frustrated; there are many other features to explore on your device. I particularly like the way I can convert Android or iPhone into an Amazon Echo. Everybody knows that Echo comes at a hefty price, and therefore, this workaround gives you some interesting moments.

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