How to Use a Android Wear Smartwatch as Camera Remote for Android

Using a smartwatch as camera remote for your Android phone is a cool idea for young users. Though it looks a complicated thing, it is pretty damn easy for any lay smartphone owner. You just need recently released Android phones running the latest operating system. And yes, you need an Android Wear device – that goes without saying.

Apart from this, you need to download PixtoCam for Android Wear, which is a paid app available on Google Play Store.

Again, it is needless to mention that you should have Google’s Camera on your Android device; if you don’t have one, get it installed by some workaround.

A word of caution is that your Android Wear device should be within the Bluetooth connectivity range; this limits your photo sessions to selfies and small group photos.

PixtoCam is not limited to take photos and selfies; this app allows you to shoot videos, select flash settings, photo resolution and set timer. It has got all the features that your stock front camera app on Android phone offers. All the features make your photo capturing experience super easy.

How to Use a Smartwatch as Camera Remote for Android Phone

Using PixtoCam is quite easy. First, you need to install this app and launch it from your Android Wear device. Note that this app doesn’t show on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Next, select your settings and then tap on the trigger button seen at the bottom of your smartwatch.

If you are not willing to shell out a few bucks on this app, you can use the default Google Camera app that has useful features. Upon launching the camera on your Android phone or tablet, check the notification on your Android Wear to enable the remote trigger. You can see a blue dot on your smartwatch and you need to tap that dot.

This will prompt a countdown; at this, you need to ensure that your Android phone or tablet is pointing where you want it, and the photo is captured.

The photo you have captured will appear on your smartwatch. Note that it would be a low resolution photo on your Android Wear; this obviously dissatisfies your passion to click photos. But you get to know that basics and go ahead as needed.

Don’t forget that Google Camera is a free stuff, and not all smartphones support it.

To sum up, you should explore other such apps on Google Play Store to remotely capture photos on your smartphone or tablet.

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