How to Use Apple Watch Nightstand Mode in WatchOS 4

Nightstand mode (aka bedside mode) is a cool feature Apple introduced with watchOS 2. When you charge your iWatch and keep it on its side, you can turn on and use Apple Watch as nightstand clock and an alarm clock. If you want to explore this feature more, read this guide on how to use Apple Watch Nightstand mode.

When you enable Nightstand mode, your Apple Watch shows date and time, apart from how much charge is left. If you have set up alarms on your Apple Watch, it will also show you on your watch face; moreover, the Nightstand mode slowly increases display brightness as the alarm time approaches.

How to Use Apple Watch Nightstand Mode in WatchOS 4

How to Use Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

How to Activate Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch Running watchOS 4

Step #1: Keep your Apple Watch on its side.

Step #2: Connect your Apple Watch with a Magnetic charging cable.

Step #3: Once your Apple Watch begins to get charged up, it will automatically go into Nightstand Mode.

When your Apple Watch Nightstand Mode is active, your watch display is turned off as you are not using it.

If you wish to see the display again at any time, simply press the Digital Crown or the side button, or you can gently push your Apple Watch. If you are too lazy to reach out to your watch, you can simply shake the table on which your watch is placed.

How to Turn ON Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch from iPhone Manually on watchOS 2

Step #1: Open Watch App on your Paired iPhone.

Step #2: By default, you will be landed on My Watch tab; if not, then tap on it.

Step #3: Tap on General.

Step #4: Now, scroll down and Enable Nightstand Mode.

If you are from the UK, you will find an option for Bedside Mode.

How to Enable Nightstand Mode Using Apple Watch Manually on watchOS 2

Step #1: Press on Digital Crown to bring up the home screen. (you can jump to this post if your Apple Watch Digital crown is not working or delay in responding).

Step #2: Tap on General from the apps set in list view or Grid view.

Step #3: Now, tap on Nightstand Mode.

Step #4: Toggle On Nightstand Mode switch to activate it.

If your language setting is set to the UK, then you will see bedside mode option.

How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch for Nightstand Mode

To set Alarm on Apple Watch, you have to check this below-mentioned articles.

How to turn off the alarm or snooze when in Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch

Step #1: Press the Side button from your Apple Watch to turn off the alarm.

Step #2: To snooze the alarm for nine minutes, Press Digital Crown.

How to Turn Off Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch in watchOS 2

If you are using watchOS 2, you can disable Nightstand mode on your Apple Watch directly or from Watch app on iPhone. For this, you can follow the same methods that helped you to enable Nightstand mode; simply toggle the option Off when you reach Nightstand Mode feature.

How to Disable Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch in watchOS 4

Quite easy! Simply disconnect the charger from your Apple Watch or change the watch position from its side; this will turn off Nightstand Mode on your iWatch.

That’s all folks!

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