Transferring content from your previous iOS device to the new iPhone is now easy. All thanks to Automatic Setup in iOS 11 that helps you set up your new iPhone or iPad in a jiffy.

By using Automatic Setup in iOS 11, you can easily transfer Apple ID, Wi-Fi info, preferred settings and iCloud Keychain passwords. Note that Automatic Setup is not like iCloud backup restoring; the major difference between the two is that Automatic Setup is not complete content transfer from one iOS device to another.

After the transfers of settings, you need to move phone app data by restoring from a backup.

How to Use Automatic Setup in iOS 11 to Set Up Your New iPhone

How to Use iOS 11 Automatic Setup to Setup New iPhone or iPad

Automatic Setup ensures that you can bypass some setup methods used by iOS users; it is designed only for Settings.

Update both your iOS devices – old and new – to the latest software, i.e. iOS 11.

Step #1: Turn on your new iPhone.

Step #2: Set up your device following the instructions; after language selection, you will see a “Set Up Your iPhone” prompt.

Step #3: To begin using Automatic Setup, put your old iOS device close to the new iOS device.

Step #4: A pop-up will appear on your old device that reads that you can now use Automatic Setup. Here, you need to tap on “Continue” to start.

Step #5: You will see an image that you see while pairing your Apple Watch with iPhone; this image will be seen on your new iOS device.

Step #6: Now you will be prompted to scan the image with camera app on your old device.

Step #7: Next, you need to hold your existing device’s camera over the image to pair.

Step #8: Then check the passcode that will show up on old iOS device. You will have to type this passcode on your new device.

Step #9: This will initiate data transfer over to your new device.

When Automatic Setup is finished, options to setup touch ID/ Face ID, Siri, and Wallet will appear.

Some features like Find My iPhone, location services, and analytics will be enabled automatically. If you are not keen to enable these options, you can tap on ‘Customize Settings’ to change the options.

Finally, you can restore all your apps and data from your iCloud backup or set it up as new.

For complete content transfers from old device to the new one, follow all the iCloud backup steps.

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