How to Use Scribble on Your Apple Watch

First generation Apple Watch had a few limitations to communicate with people on messages apps. Earlier, users had to rely on ready-made responses or they were speaking the messages, which were transcribed to be sent to other end.

Emojis and doodles were used to add some fun in the conversation. But there was a clear dearth of a feature that would allow users to send a message of their choice.

With the launch of watchOS 3, users now can use Scribble wherever they need to enter text. As the name suggests, users are supposed to scribble text with their fingers on the apps that support this feature. And leave the rest to this feature, which will turn your handwritten content into text.

Scribble can be used in apps, wherein you need to write text. Thus, you can interact with people on Messages, email apps and other such apps.

Note that Scribble doesn’t offer you a dedicated keyboard as it would be impossible to use a keyboard on a small screen of Apple Watch.


How to Use Scribble to Write Message on Apple Watch

ways to use scribble to write message on apple watch

Step #1: Tap on Digital Crown to invoke app screen.

Step #2: Tap on the Messages app.

Step #3: Tap on any conversation thread you wish to write a message to.

Step #4: Apart from the default buttons like voice, emoji, and Digital Touch, you can also see Scribble button on your watch; tap on Scribble button.

Step #5: A screen will appear with dotted area on your Apple Watch. Now you can write letters in the area; you can quickly writer letters one by one.

Your written letters will be turned into text above the dotted area. Scribble also offers you a space bar at the bottom and backspace button in the bottom right corner.

Actually, it is a delete (x) button to remove the letters you don’t want to send. Once you write at least one letter completely, you will notice an up-and-down arrow on the top right corner of your Apple Watch.

This button is for predictive text list; this predictive text is based on the letters you have entered thus far. Predictive text can be accessed by tapping on Digital Crown.

Step #6: After writing the message, press on Send button.

Your message, i.e. the written letters will be displayed on the screen of your Apple Watch. You can use other Scribble options by force touch on Scribble button when you are in conversation view.


How to Change Default Language in Scribble

ways to change default language in scribble

Scribble gives you three languages currently: English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. If you need to use Scribble in a different language, follow the steps:

Step #1: Hard press the screen when you see the Scribble button.

Step #2: You will be presented with four options: Reply, Details, Send Location, and Choose Language. Tap on Choose Language option; it is a globe grid.

Step #3: Now choose the language from the list.

If you don’t find a language, you can add its keyboard on the paired iPhone: Settings → General → Keyboard → Keyboards → Add New Keyboard.

To add fun to your conversation, Scribble also allows you to turn a word into an emoji on your Apple Watch.


How to Turn a Word into an Emoji on Apple Watch by Scribble

ways to turn a word into an emoji on apple watch by scribble

Step #1: Open the app in which you want to start or join the conversation/communication. Launch apps like Mail or Messages on Apple Watch.

Step #2: Tap on the conversation thread you wish to join and send reply to. You can initiate a new message by pressing the screen firmly.

Step #3: Now tap on Scribble in the conversation.

Step #4: Next, write a word that is connected with an emoji; for example, ‘LOL’, ‘Angry’, or ‘Poop’.

Step #5: Rotate the Digital Crown to bring up word predictions.

Step #6: Choose the emoji you wish to send to your contact.

Step #7: Finally, tap Send button to dispatch the sentence or communication.


This way you can spice up your communication and make the most of Scribble feature on your Apple Watch. What else can you do with Scribble app? Share your opinions and feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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