How to Watch Google Play Movies and TV Content on Apple TV

The cut-throat competition between smart TVs doesn’t allow each other to stream their contents, TV shows, movies and more. However, users are least concerned with the competition and always look for ways and means to stream cross-service contents on their Chromecasts, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV. Apple TV users always want to watch Google Play contents, but there is no official way they can stream that contents. However, you can employ this trick and watch your Google Play movies and TV content on Apple TV.

To get access of Google Play Movies & TV on Apple TV, make sure that your device is updated to the latest tvOS. Another thing (hold your breath) you need to do is to download YouTube on your Apple TV. Why on earth should I download this app? Well, this is the twist! YouTube is owned by Google and whatever you purchase through Google Play Movies & TV is accessible; moreover, YouTube is compatible app with Apple TV. If you don’t have installed this app, download YouTube on your Apple TV and sign into your Google account there.

How to Watch Google Play Movies and TV Content on Apple TV

How to Watch Google Play Movies and TV Content on Apple TV

By now, our smart readers must have got the trick. If you still wonder how this happens, simply turn on your Apple TV

Step #1: Download YouTube App on Apple TV and Open it.

Step #2: Tap on My YouTube.

Step #3: Go to Purchases.

Here, you can see all your purchased movies and TV shows you have bought through Google.

Note that if you have synced Google account with Movies Anywhere, you can watch all contents you have subscribed with other streaming services. Also browse Google’s movies and play movie trailers on your YouTube app. Remember, you won’t be able to purchase any new content here.

Though the workaround is not perfect, you can enjoy your purchased contents on different streaming services.

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