iPhone X Side Button Not Working : Here is a Fix

When iPhone X side button is not working or not responding properly, you need to take some immediate actions. It has been noticed that hardware issues on Apple’s products have always harassed users as Apple hardware products come at a higher price tag. Hence, one has to take good care of power buttons on your iPhone 10.

When iPhone X side button becomes unresponsive, you are unable to perform lot of task like activating Siri, turnning ON/off, snooze an Alarm, wake iPhone x, etc. Given this high value of this hardware, you can’t afford to lose it

If side button is broken or not working on your iPhone X, the first thing you should do is to stop meddling with that anymore. Simply don’t pay attention to that thing for some time and then perform below-mentioned solutions on your iPhone X.

iPhone X Side Button Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Customize the Click Speed of Side button

Apple has set the speed level at Default on your iPhone X. If you think that there is some issue with the speed, you can adjust click speed for side button on your iPhone X if it is getting delayed in responding.

Software Update

Apple is the only phone brand that gives you best camaraderie between software and hardware. If something goes wrong in software, it will affect the hardware. This can be the case with your iPhone X side button when stuck. So check for a software update on your iPhone X.

Settings → General → Software Update. Next, download and install latest software on your iPhone X.

Get Virtual Home Button

For an immediate solution, you should get a virtual home button on your iPhone X. The virtual home button is part of Accessibility shortcut on iPhone. You can explore our complete guide on using Accessibility shortcut on your iPhone X. Once you have got a virtual home button on your iPhone X, you can perform multiple tasks. Check our complete guide on how you can use your iPhone X without a physical home button.

Use the Most Compatible Cases on iPhone X

Your iPhone X accessories play a pivotal role in protecting the hardware, and therefore, we always recommend best iPhone X cases for you. Check our list of high-quality protective iPhone X cases:

Get Side Button Repaired

Last but not the least – check your iPhone warranty status. If you iPhone X is under the coverage, you can contact Apple Support and book an appointment. Your iPhone X side button may get repaired or replaced.

That’s it!

In the absence of side button, you can always use the AssistiveTouch feature on your iPhone X. What would you do if side button fails to work on your iPhone X? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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