Livestream is the way to go. This phenomenon has caught the fancy of young generation, who love to live-stream videos from their digital devices. For the last couple of years, users have begun to livestream to Facebook and share videos on Snapchat. A step further, Facebook users can now use Gear VR and livestream it to Facebook. This is amazing, isn’t it? If you are using a virtual reality device, go ahead and livestream from Gear VR to Facebook.

You may have already watched livestreams on Facebook feeds; these streams show you what your friends are doing right now. So if you are expecting a baby, you can announce the good news on livestream. Next, time when you plan a vacation trip, livestream your Gear VR to Facebook and invite your friends to join you.

It is super easy to livestream your Gear VR to Facebook. Earlier, it was a tough nut to livestream from VR to Facebook. But now simply hold the back button, select Livestream to Facebook and you are ready to go. It is a great fun to use your Gear VR to livestream to the best social medium.

While livestreaming, you can use a few adjustments; for example, if you are at a crowded place, you would like to turn off the audio. You can just turn off microphone settings and you can mute audio while you are livestreaming. If you are explaining something to your friends, simply turn microphone on and the audience will be able to listen to your commentary. To stream clear audio, it is recommended that you wear headphones.

Like your regular posts on FB, you can adjust who can see your livestream. Hover over your name in livestream setting and then make a selection as to who can watch your livestream: public, private, or friends.

When you are live, you can see two things. Your profile screen is the first thing you can see; here, a message is read that you are currently live on Facebook. A floating red dot also reminds you that you are streaming content currently.

Mic settings is another useful feature to explore. Using this feature, you can speak to a nearby person without streaming that voice to your viewers on Facebook. This option is located at the very bottom of the screen.

When you want to finish streaming on from Gear VR to Facebook, launch your profile in the settings. And you can end livestream from the bottom of the screen. Once you finish the livestream, you will get statistics like number of viewers, reactions, and comments they left.

How to Livestream Gear VR to Facebook

Step #1: Launch Oculus home with Gear VR.

Step #2: Next, hold the back button.

Step #3: Choose ‘Livestream to Facebook’ from the bottom of the screen.

Step #4: Now you need to connect your Facebook account to Oculus. IF you have already connected, avoid this step.

Step #5: Here, you can select audio options to turn them ON or OFF.

Step #6: Go and start live streaming.

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Easy, isn’t it? Hope you like this interesting information. Would you like to live stream Gear VR to Facebook? Do share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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