Messages app still holds a respectable position in the presence of countless free chat apps available. And therefore, users tend to lose their temper if they find that Messages app is freezing and crashing when opening on their iPhones. Well, this happens after every iOS update. And therefore, we have come up with a few simple solutions to fix the issue of Messages app freezes and crashes in iOS 11 on iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7, Plus, 6(s) and 6(s) Plus.

Messages App Freezes and Crashes in iOS 11 on iPhone? Solutions to Fix the Issue

How to Fix Messages App Freezing and Crashing Issue in iOS 11 on iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7, Plus, 6(s) and 6(s) Plus

Force Quit Messages App and Reopen It

If you are using iPhone 8/8 Plus or previous iPhones, switching apps is easy. Simply double tap on the physical home button (or virtual home button if you are using AssistiveTouch), and then swipe up apps when app switcher appears. This is how you can force quit Messages app. But on your iPhone X, you need to employ a different way to switch and force quit messages app.

Once you have forced quit Messages app, you need to shut down or turn off your iPhone and then turn it on; and finally, launch Messages app.

Reboot iPhone

Sometimes, soft or hard reset can fix many petty issues on your iPhone or iPad. With the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple offers a new method to restart devices. Since Apple’s iPhone X doesn’t have home button, you need to follow a different method to restart or force restart iPhone X.

For iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 users, they can simply press and hold home and power buttons simultaneously until Apple logo appears (sometimes, iPhones get stuck on Apple logo). Upon seeing Apple logo, release the buttons and your phone will restart.

When your iPhone is restarted, you should try to launch Messages app with 3D Touch option. Just tap and hold Messages app, and when shortcut menu pops up, open the recent most conversation or open a new message to send.

Clean Up Messages App

When you receive countless iMessages on your Messages app, it gets cluttered with data and hence, the app freezes and crashes on your iPhone. Here, a possible solution is to clean up your Messages app as soon as possible. But before you launch the cleaning spree, backup your iPhone so that your data remains stored.

To clean up Messages app, you can clear Messages cache on your iPhone and iPad.

Reset Network Settings

Step #1: Open Settings App and then go to General.

Step #2: Swipe down and tap on Reset.

Step #3: Tap on Reset Network Settings (Enter passcode if asked for).

Step #4: Once again tap on Reset Network settings to confirm your action.

Reset All Settings

When you reset all settings on your iPhone or iPad, this action will erase all Wi-fi passwords and website login details. But you should go ahead to come out of the main issue.

Step #1: Launch Settings and open General.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Reset.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Reset All Settings (you may be asked to enter device passcode and Restrictions code here).

Step #4: Tap on Reset All Settings again to confirm your action.

In last resort…

If above solutions fail to deliver results, you need to restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

Or you can wait for the Software Update:

Settings→ General → Software Update, and then upgrade your device.

In all possibility, you should be able to enjoy smooth sailing with your Messages app on your iPhone.

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