How to Connect and Play Nintendo Switch on TV without Dock

Nintendo Switch is gaining ground across the world even as the game has been released as recently as March 3, 2017. Lately, many Nintendo Switch players have complained about scratches they receive from dock, which allows Switch to be played on a TV.

However, it is still not clear how many users have found this issue, but there is a solution to avoid the dock and play Nintendo Switch on TV without dock. A YouTube video maker Switch It Up has found a solution by using a USB-C extension cable to play Nintendo Switch on TV without dock.

Apart from this USB-C cable, you need to use a licensed stand to set your Nintendo Switch on; if you don’t want to shell out extra bucks, you can use a makeshift stand to place your Switch on. Remember that Nintendo Switch has a plug at the bottom and this makes it impossible to stand alone with its own kickstand; moreover, placing it down flat will obstruct the vents in the back that keep it from overheating.

With the two necessary accessories (you can always explore more Nintendo Switch accessories, though), you are all set to play Nintendo Switch on your TV without the dock.

How to Connect and Play Nintendo Switch on TV without Dock

Step #1: Connect the dock to AC power and TV.

Step #2: Next, attach the USB-C cable’s female end to the USB connector inside the dock.

Here, you need to ensure that you push the spring mechanism down as far as it can go, so that the cable is snapped in place.

Step #3: Now put the Nintendo Switch on the stand and insert the male end of USB cable into the Switch.

If you face any trouble during the process of attaching male end of USB cable into the Switch, you can keep the dock on a side.

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Once everything is connected, the Switch displays on the TV just as it were put on the dock. This procedure will automatically charge your Nintendo Switch, though it is not scientifically tested by any expert.

That’s it! Now you can play your favourite Nintendo Switch games on TV without having to rely on dock. You won’t feel the need of the dock while you are playing the games. You will not notice any noticeable lag as you are using Joy-Con; moreover, people have talked about Joy-Con sync issue with this configuration. But according to Switch It Up, this workaround will not create any such issue.

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So go ahead, and play Nintendo Switch on TV without dock. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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