How to Print iPhone Text Messages or iMessages

iPhone and iPad users have long expected a feature that allows them to print SMS and iMessages. In the latest iOS 10.3 release, all such hopes and expectations shattered. But they should not get demoralized altogether; there are ways and means to print text messages from iPhone. As people are exchanging important contents via Messages app, iMazing took initiative and developed software that enables iPhone users to print iPhone text messages.

To print your Messages or iMessages, you need a computer or Mac, a lightning cable, your iOS device, and iMazing software installed on your Mac or computer. It seems a complicated process in the beginning, but you will find it super easy once you start following the steps given below. Two methods are described: you can use iMazing or AnyTrans to print iPhone text messages and iMessages in iOS 10.3.

How to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages via iMazing

Step #1: First off, you need to download iMazing on your Mac or Windows PC. Check out both links below:

Step #2: Next, connect your iPhone with the computer and open iMazing.

Step #3: From the sidebar, select Messages app.

Step #4: iMazing will start exporting all messages from your iPhone. All you need to do is select a particular message you want to print.

Step #5: Finally, click the Print button from the bottom toolbar. Select Print settings in the dialog box that appears, and then click on Print.

Your Message will be printed soon.

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Print now

How to Print iPhone Text Messages and iMessages via AnyTrans

Step #1: Download AnyTrans on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2: Now connect your iPhone with computer and open AnyTrans software.

Step #3: Choose your device and click on Messages icon from the list.

Step #4: Here, you need to click the message you want to print.

Step #5: You are supposed to set up an exported file format like PDF, HTML or TXT. Click the Settings icon from the upper right corner.

Step #6: Click on Computer to export messages on computer.

Step #7: Finally, open the exported file on computer and hit the print command.

It is done!

If Android users wonder how they can print any content from Android phone or tablet, they can use Google Cloud Print and print from Android phone or tablet using Google Cloud Print.

iOS 10 was released six months ago, and it came with a lot of innovations in Messages app. With their iOS devices updated to the iOS 10, users can add signature in Messages app; they can enable or disable individual read receipt messages; use emoji replacement and prediction in Messages; and they can also schedule text messages on iPhone without Jailbreak.

While doing so many tasks with your Messages app, you may face an issue like ‘Can’t Send or Receive Text Messages on iPhone’.

Users need to explore Messages app to find more potential. Software like iMazing and AnyTrans will surely help you make the most of Messages app in iPhone.

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