How to Remove Deep Scratches from Aluminum Laptop?

What can be more devastating for a laptop user than a deep scratch on its chassis? When we purchase a laptop, we devote most of our considerations, budget, and requirements to that subject.

But a mere scratch on a brand new unit can bring down so much emotional chaos it is hard to explain. Nowadays, aluminum laptops are not a thing of luxury anymore.

So, the material-based laptop models can range from low to higher price tags. However, this guide will discuss the various ways to remove scratches from Aluminum laptop.

It also includes the reasons why you should purchase aluminum laptops above all options in the market. Shall we start the tour?


Quick Overview on Aluminum Laptops

aluminum laptop


The numerous manufacturers cater varieties of laptops almost every six months to a year. This range shows how many units you can choose your dream unit from.

Let us not forget the particular brand that catches your eyes. Nevertheless, one should focus on the exterior as much as the internal specifications.

This is where aluminum material steps in. Do you remember the laptops released a decade ago? They were heavy to carry, right?

With the evolution of the laptop designs, styles, and convenience, the exterior has been given a new makeover too. If you pick a laptop with an aluminum build, you are shedding that extra weight without compromising its durability.

Would you not like to own such a quality laptop?

The only disadvantage it carries along is the attraction toward scratches. It is the only issue that has turned a newly purchased unit into a battle-worn device.

Of course, it also depends on how you maintain it or where you keep it. For instance, we barely notice light scratches formed over the months when sliding the laptop into a bag.

These are the small irregular crosshatching patterns you may notice one day and wonder how it all happened. Deep ones, however, may form due to accidental handling.

One can see them from across the room quite easily. The bottom line is, aluminum laptops are a major improvement when it comes to protection. But the innumerable scratch counts are what you may have to deal with in return.


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Ways to Remove Deep Scratches from Aluminum Laptops

Are you one of the people who absolutely are vexed by a single mark, spot, or scratch? Instead of making it worse, the best solution is to research the surface material before applying just about anything.

Thankfully, there are different ways you can handle the issue other than the simple rubbing operation. However, the methods we have included might not eradicate a deep scratch entirely.

We are sorry, but you cannot fully get it out of your view despite curtailing the depth.  Yet, it all depends on how severe it is.

Fortunately, most aluminum laptop users have faced only the mid-level deep scratches that you can remove applying one of the techniques below.

Scratch Remover

removing deep scratches from aluminum laptop with scratch remover


The reason we have picked this option as our top priority is due to its handiness. Since the aluminum chassis is becoming a rather common case for most units, it is not that difficult to have an aluminum laptop scratch remover at your disposal.

Thus, ask for such a remover to a local PC shop you frequent. If they do not have one, you can always opt for online shopping.

Keep a microfiber piece cloth at home if you have to clean a lot of tech devices. In short, avoid any simple cloth that has lint.

Using a scratch remover is relatively simple. You just have to apply it on the microfiber cloth or the chassis directly. The vigorous rubbing may lead to more scratches, so we advise going for the slow, circular motion instead.

Remember the fact that it is not a magic potion. The scratch remover will only reduce the visibility of the scratch, not remove it entirely. Plus, it works on colorless scratches.

Any colored marks will not have any change due to the remover.


Plastic Polish

plastic polish to remove scratches from aluminum laptop

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You can try out a plastic polish if the conventional aluminum scratch remover fails to achieve the desired result. Most automotive workshops have this to remove the minor scratches from vehicles.

Various brands manufacture plastic polish products. Hence, you will have plenty to choose from. The only thing you have to keep in mind is it cannot be applied directly.

Your aluminum laptop is no car, which is why you should dilute it with a small amount of dish soap. Use a linen cloth this time to apply the mixture to the scratched area. This process of gentle cleaning erases any dust particle residing in the region.

Now you can put the plastic polish on a cloth piece and gently rub it on the surface. Continue the motion till the scratches are completely covered.

Use a soft cloth and clean the surface one last time afterward.


Metal Polish

If plastic polish was powerful, a metal polish is more on the aggressive side. Look for a high-end product to ensure a satisfying outcome. It does not just diminish the scratches but also removes oxidation from any metal.

It is a useful product for household and garage utilities. Therefore, it can serve a similar purpose of slight scratch visibility on an aluminum laptop. You can obtain it from any local hardware store near you.

All you have to do is take out a little amount of the paste and apply it to the surface. Once again, focus on the gentle but steady rubbing motion till the substance stays in place.

Now take a microfiber cloth (clean) and get rid of the excessive polish. Metal polish is an amazing remedy for metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless steel, etc.

Therefore, it will protect the laptop surface from getting scratched further.


Baking Soda

baking soda to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop


Baking soda can be the ultimate solution if you seek immediate attention to the deep scratch on the aluminum laptop.

In case you do not know — you may have noticed your grandmother or mother putting their silver jewelry like earrings or bracelets in water mixed with baking soda. They do it to clean the material while removing dullness.

You can apply the same method but by forming a paste. The greater the baking soda amount is, the higher its concentration will be. This is why never underestimate the power of this kitchen ingredient.

Once you create a paste, using one-part water and two-part baking soda, apply it on the scratched aluminum. Next comes the circular motion rubbing that will eventually rid of the minor scratches.

This method might not remove the profound scratches, but it will reduce the sharp edges viewable from a far distance to a minimum.


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toothpaste to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop


Another product you can easily avail of in the absence of metal polish, plastic polish, or a scratch remover is toothpaste.

Any fluoride-free toothpaste can be the answer to any untimely scratch or mark on a surface. Hence, it is a superb idea to apply it to your aluminum laptop filled with small scratches.

Yes, toothpaste is not as powerful as the other products. You should resort to it only when dealing with minor scratches. First, take a piece of a soft cloth and put a bit of toothpaste there.

Next, the popular circular motion with gentle pressure on the aluminum surface should do the trick. Of course, it is time-consuming, and you need your focus while spreading the paste evenly on the area.

Keep working on the rubbing part for a while. Then, dampen another clean cloth and wipe the residues from the scratched surface. Dry the area and notice the significant reduction in small irregular abrasions on the surface.


Silver Pen/Pencil

silver pen to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop


This is the last resort for anyone not wanting to go through all the trouble. Simply grab a silver pen or pencil that is used to touch up the minor scratches in cars.

It will work as the scratch remover as you apply it over the affected areas. The pen can also cover the marks or spots acquired during the scratch.

Know that this is only a temporary repairing solution. You will eventually have to opt for other methods mentioned above. Still, if it works for you, you are good to go!


Final Words

Lastly, there are some preventative measures you may take to avoid deep scratches in the first place. For example, you can use a laptop sleeve before sliding it into your backpack or laptop bag.

Make sure you do not place the keys/charger in the same pocket where you keep the laptop. Lastly, invest in stylish skins right after the laptop purchase. It will prevent the aluminum from scratches in the long run.

In any case, we hope this article on how to remove scratches from Aluminum laptop has been greatly beneficial for you. Have a good day!

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