iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus were released September 12, 2017 in an Apple Event. Since blogosphere rumoured about a revolutionary iPhone X design and features, everybody was keen to know about iPhone X. Moreover, people were equally enthusiastic about iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as Apple promised wireless charging feature in its flagship phones. While everything runs smooth for the first few days, your phone requires restart or reboot. This happens with every iPhone launched till date. If you encounter any issue, you need to restart or reboot iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The issue is also known as hard reset iPhone X and iPhone 8 among users. Whatever the term is used, the bottom line is that you want to come out of the issue when your iPhone doesn’t respond or you are stuck somewhere. Traditionally, restart was done by holding power and home buttons simultaneously for nearly 10 seconds. This method was changed when Apple launched iPhone 7, so users had to follow a different method to restart or reboot iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Now Apple has released all-new iPhone X, which requires completely different method to reboot. It is pretty obvious that in the absence of home button, you need to follow some workaround to restart your iPhone X.

How to Restart or Reboot iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

How to Restart or Reboot iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus

How to Force Reboot iPhone X and iPhone 8 with Physical Buttons

As Apple has ditched the celebrated home button in iPhone X, you need to use its sleep/wake button, Volume Up and volume down button to reboot iPhone X and iPhone 8.

press and release Volume Up and volume down and then press side button

First of all you need to press and release Volume Up button and then press and release volume down button.  Next you need to simply press and hold that side button until you see an Apple Logo on the screen of your iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Now release power the button and your iPhone X is restarted by you.

How to Restart iPhone 8 and iPhone X Without Using Home Button

AssistiveTouch on every iPhone is a great help when physical buttons fail to perform. This virtual home button plays multiple roles in closing apps, using iPhone X without home button, and taking screenshots on iPhone X.

In case you have not enabled AssistiveTouch floating button in your iPhone, you need to do it first.

SettingsGeneralAccessibilityAssistiveTouch → AssistiveTouch toggle on.

Toggle ON AssistiveTouch

Step #1: Once you enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, tap on that floating button.

Tap on AssistiveTouch button

Step #2: Six options appear on your phone screen: Notifications, Device, Control Center, Home, Siri, and Custom. You need to press on Device.

Tap on Device

Step #3: Another six options come up: Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Mute, More, Volume Down, and Volume Up. Here, you should tap on More (three dots).

Tap on More

Step #4: Next, tap on Restart button from the list of options given on phone screen.

Tap on Restart

Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X will be rebooted in a few seconds.

How to Shut Down iPhone 8 and iPhone X with Physical Button

Step #1: Hold your iPhone in your hands properly.

Step #2: Next, press and hold the side button (also known as power button) for some time.

Hold the side button to Shut Down iPhone X

Step #3: A slider appears with ‘Slide to power off’ line.

Slide to Power Off iPhone X

Swipe this text from left to right and your iPhone 8 or iPhone X will be shut down.

How to Shut Down iPhone X and iPhone 8 Without Using Home and Power Buttons

You must have thought that AssistiveTouch will play an important role here again. No, with the release of iOS 11, Apple has added a feature to shut down phone from Settings.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iPhone X.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on General.

Tap on General

Step #3: Again scroll down to the bottom and you will find a Shut Down button below Reset option.

Tap on Shut Down

Step #4: Tap on this button and ‘Slide to power off’ slider appears on your iPhone X. Simply swipe from left to right to gently shut down your iPhone X.


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