Send and Receive Money via iMessage Using Apple Pay – Easy Step By Step Guide.

Peer-to-peer or person-to-person money transfer is the need of the hour, and Apple has sensed this requirement. In its iOS 11.2 update, the technology giant has enabled this feature, and with this new facility, users can send and receive money via iMessage Using Apple Pay in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Apart from your iPhone, you can also transfer Apple Pay Cash on your Apple Watch running watchOS 4.2. Note that you can send a maximum amount of $3000 through iMessage. This update was expected in iOS 11.1, but it was delayed – better late than never.

How to Send and Receive Money Via iMessage with Apple Pay in iOS 11 on iPhone

Before you explore this feature of sending and receiving money through Apple Pay, make sure you have set up Apple Pay on your device. The Apple Pay Cash is available in the USA only as Apple will roll out this feature in the phased manner in other countries. Here in this article, we have mentioned the process to send money and to request money through iMessage with Apple Pay in iOS 11.

Note that users have to verify their Apple Pay Cash identity when they are sending or receiving more than $500.

How to Send and Receive Money via iMessage Using Apple Pay in iOS 11

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Send Apple Pay Cash Via iMessage in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

First of all, add money into your Apple Pay cash and then go ahead with this below mentioned steps:

Step #1:

Open Messages app on your iPhone.

Step #2:

You can start a new conversation or begin with an existing one.

Step #3:

Tap on the App Store icon.

Step #4:

Next, tap on the Apple Pay icon from the iMessage App Drawer.

Step #5:

Tap on Minus or Plus icon to decide how much money you want to send. If you want to enter the exact figure, then simply tap on Show Keypad.

Step #6:

Tap on Pay and enter any message you want to send along with Payment.

Step #7:

Tap on the Send button and you will see a summary screen; finally, you have to approve the transaction with Face ID, Touch ID or by entering the passcode. (Check our guide if Face ID not working, Touch ID Not Working or you forgot passcode.)

Send Money Through iMessage Using Apple Pay Cash from Apple Watch

Step #1:

Launch Messages app on your Watch.

Step #2:

Go and start a new conversation with a person to whom you want to send money or begin with an existing one.

Step #3:

Swipe Up and tap on the Apple Pay button.

Step #4:

Rotate the Digital Crown to select an amount. Then enter the amount, and tap the dollar amount; tap next to decimal and finally rotate the Digital Crown.

Step #5:

Finally, double-tap the side button to send it.

How to Make Apple Pay Cash Transaction with Siri

There is a simple method to make Apple Pay Cash payments with Siri. First, you need to wake up Siri on your device, and say: “Send $15 to Steve”.

If you are using any other money transfer service (like PayPal), your device may ask you to choose the payment service.

You can write a message to request money by using Siri and then Send the money. Validate your transaction by Face ID or Touch ID.

How to Use Apple Pay Cash from Contacts, Spotlight, and Phone apps

You can use any of the above apps to access a recipient or sender’s contact info and tap on the new dollar sign in a circle Apple Pay icon; next, you have to follow the same process as you did above.

How to Change Payment Method

Step #1:

Tap on > icon located next to your credit or debit card on the payment confirmation screen.

Step #2:

Now, select a new debit or credit card.

How to Request Apple Pay Cash Via iMessage from iPhone

Requesting money is as simple as sending money. When you request money, the recipient gets your request and s/he just has to tap on Pay; they have the prerogative to change or confirm the amount they wish to send.

Step #1:

Launch a conversation in the Messages app.

Step #2:

Tap on the App Store icon and then tap on Apple Pay.

Step #3:

Select an amount and tap on Request. You can also add a message while requesting money.

Step #4:

Finally, tap on the Send button.

How to Request Money Through Message App Using Apple Pay from Apple Watch

You can ask Siri to send your friend a payment request or simply go to Messages app.

Here, speak something like: “Ask Tim for $20 for lunch”.

The recipient, if s/he is willing to send you money, will tap on the dollar amount in the message.

How to Accept Money Automatically

Apple Pay Cash automatically receives the money sent to you, and your money is safely stored in the Apple Pay Cash. You can either spend this money or simply transfer the money to your bank account.

You have got seven days to accept the money when you use Apple Pay Cash for the first time. Once you agree with the terms and conditions, your payments are accepted and added to Apple Pay Cash automatically.

How to Change Settings If You Don’t Want to Accept Payments Automatically

You can always change settings when you decide not to accept payments automatically on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. When you change these settings on a single iOS device, the changes will be reflected on other devices where you have signed with your Apple ID.

Step #1:

Go to the card information:

  • On your iPhone:

Wallet → Apple Pay Cash card→ tap (i).

  • On your iPad:

Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay→ Apple Pay Cash card.

  • On Apple Watch:

Use the steps for your paired iPhone.

Step #2:

Now tap on the Info tab.

Step #3:

Next, you need to tap on Manually Accept Payments.

Thus, when you receive the money next time, you can see Accept in the message. Then you have got seven days to accept the payments.

To Accept the money Manually:

Step #1:

Tap on Accept in the message.

Step #2:

Alternatively, you can go to the card info and tap on the Transactions tab and find the payment there.

Step #3:

Next, you need to tap on the payment and then tap on Accept.

To Reject the money Manually:

Step #1:

Go to the card info → tap on the Transactions tab and find the payment.

Step #2:

Tap on payment and then tap on Reject Payment.

It is done!

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Let’s hope Apple makes Apple Pay Cash available in other countries as well. This feature has made peer-to-peer money transfer easier than ever.

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