Driving a car requires your 100% attention as it may cause a fatal accident if you lose your attention even for a microsecond. This clearly means that while you are driving, you can’t or rather must not reach out to your smartphone to check who is calling or sending you messages. Distracted driving causes countless deaths and injuries across the globe every year. To evade any such situation, you need to set up auto reply text messages on iPhone and Android phone.

According to statistics, every day, 8 people die and 1161 get injured in the US because of distracted driving. Apart from their desire to answer the phone, people love to watch their faces in the mirror, take selfies, or eat foods. All this heavily contribute to fatal accidents; drivers fail to understand that a quick glance is enough to put them in great danger. To deal with this, you can set up auto respond texts on your iPhone and Android phone.

How to Set up Auto-Respond Text Message on iPhone and Android Phone

How to Setup Auto-Reply Text Message on iPhone and Android Phone

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How to Setup Auto Respond Text Message on Android Phone

There is a simple solution baked in Android Auto app. As the name suggests, the app is meant for Android users. You can download Android Auto on your latest smartphone and then set up auto respond texts.

Step #1: Once you download the app, launch it on your phone and tap on menu button.

Step #2: Next, tap on Settings.

Step #3: Now tap on Auto-reply option.

Step #4: Finally, compose a message.

This is not the end. When somebody calls up while you are driving, you have to make an effort of tapping the reply button. But it is a single step and requires a quick glance on phone. From the method, it is clear that you should place Android Auto app on the Home page or the dash of your smartphone. This feature works with any Android Auto compatible app; if you receive any calls or messages on WhatsApp, Hangouts, of Facebook Messenger, you can use this app to send an auto reply.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

This can do everything for you on your smartphone. In this case, to send reply to the text, it is compatible only with your Android phone. On iOS, IFTTT doesn’t get necessary permission. You need to create a recipe and select Android SMS as the trigger.

Choose Any new SMS received, next Android SMS, and Send an SMS as your action. You need to compose a text message (that you are driving) and select the originating phone number as the recipient to complete the applet.

This sounds good but then users have to remember to turn it on while you are driving and turn it off when you stop driving. BMW offers a built-in feature as auto responding turns on as soon as you drive the car.

SMS Auto Reply Text Message

Google Play Store offers another Android app that can help you set auto respond text on your phone. SMS Auto Reply Text Message is touted as one of the best apps for this purpose. Simply download this app on your Android smartphone and follow a few on-screen instructions; you can set up auto reply for texts and calls also. Moreover, on this app, you can create a personalized list of contacts important for you to call back.

For daily commuters, they can schedule text message on Android and iPhone.

How to Setup Auto Respond Text Messages on iPhone

Apple offers a default option in Phone app. But you can use this feature when your iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

Go to Settings → Phone → Respond with Text → Enter the text.

CarPlay is another built-in feature in iPhone, and you can use this feature to set up auto respond texts on your iPhone. Once you set up CarPlay, you can ask Siri to reply with a text that you are driving.

For AT&T customers, they can use AT&T DriveMode feature, which works at carrier level; this feature gets turned on when the DriveMode realizes that your phone is being transported at the speed more than 15 miles per hour.

If your carrier doesn’t offer this facility, you can at least make an inquiry, forcing the company to think about introducing this feature in future.

There is no more option for iOS users except for blocking all calls by putting their iPhones on Airplane mode while driving.

Android offers better facility than iPhone. The Google Play Store has got two beautiful apps that can help manage your Android phone while you are driving. With Audio Swipe you can manage music on your Android phone. Another app is Locate Driver, which auto-sends your location while you are driving.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Android apps and set up auto respond texts on Android phone.

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