Siri App Suggestions Not Working on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11: How to Fix

If your smartphone proactively gives you something, it is bound to be built with excellent artificial intelligence. Apple’s Siri is a smart and intelligent speaker that gives you proactive app suggestions on your iPhone and iPad. As a matter of fact, Siri keeps a check on your browsing habit and based on your behaviour, it gives you suggestions of app. For example, you tend to check WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook in the morning, quickly after getting up. Siri will put these app icons in its suggestions in Today View on your iPhone or iPad. Apart from this, Siri suggests or rather predicts which apps you need during different times of the day, your locations, and your past behaviour. Given such a significant use, you will be annoyed to know that Siri has stopped sending suggestions. What if Siri app suggestions not working on your iPhone or iPad?

There are a couple of solutions you can employ to fix Siri app suggestions not working issue. The solutions listed below are pretty simple and you can easily perform those on your iPhone or iPad without much hassle.

How to Fix Siri App Suggestions Not Working on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

How to Fix Siri App Suggestions Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6 (s), 6(s) Plus and iPad Issue

Disable and Enable Siri Suggestions in Search

This is one of the most basic solutions when Siri app suggestions fail to work on your iOS device. You can follow the method by reading our guide on how to turn off Siri app suggestions on iPhone and iPad.

Turn Off Suggestions in Search and Location Services

Step #1: Open Settings app.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2: Scroll down a bit and tap on Siri & Search.

Step #3: Now turn off Suggestions in Search.

Step #4: Next, go back to Settings and tap on Privacy option.

Step #5: Tap on Location Services and turn it OFF.

Then, reboot your iOS device.

The reboot process depends on which iOS device you own. We have created multiple guides on how to reboot your iPhones:

If your iPhone keeps restarting, you can follow our solutions to fix the issue. Once you turn off Siri Suggestions in Search, simply turn it back ON.

Reset All Settings

If the problem persists, you can go for Reset All Settings. Don’t worry; this will not remove all your data and media. However, you will lose your passwords saved on websites.

Step #1: Launch Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

You will be asked to enter your phone passcode; enter that six-digit passcode and then confirm your action to Reset All Settings.

That’s all!

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The above solutions should fix ‘Siri app suggestions not working’ issue on your iPhone or iPad.

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