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If you are using the latest watchOS 4, you must have noticed the updated News app, which now provides you news updates on that compact interface. Though you cannot read full stories on the small screen of your Apple Watch, you can always stay updated with the latest and current happenings in the world. A glaring feature of News app is you can disable off Apple News notifications on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

There is no change in the title and icon of the News app, which still flaunts the same old red icon with a bold ‘N’ you can see on your iPhone. When you open this News app, you are welcome with a single header, Top Stories, and five top articles chosen from sources you follow in News app on your iPhone.

It is quite easy to use News app on your Apple Watch. You can use vertical scroll to explore photo, headline, and brief summary of each news item. Once you finish this, you get option to save the story to read the full article later; or simply skip to the next one. Horizontal swipes can be used to return to the previous story, or just exit the News app. Every day, you get fresh stories; however, you cannot Like or Dislike stories as you do on your iPhone News app.

On your smart watch, this News app delivers notifications all day.

How to Turn Off Apple News Notification on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad

How to Turn Off Apple News Notification on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Off Apple News Notification on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Launch News app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Next, tap on Following tab from the list at the bottom.

Tap on Following

Step #3: Scroll down and tap on Manage Notifications.

Tap on Manage Notification

Step #4: Under the MORE CHANNELS, you will find different news media like CNN, Fox News, BuzzFeed etc. Next to each news channel, you will find bell icon. You can turn on or off the notifications by tapping on bell icon.

Tap on Bell icon to turn off Notifications

How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications on Apple Watch

You can disable News notifications on your Apple Watch.

Step #1: Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Next, open My Watch tab.

Step #3: Now tap on Notifications.

Step #4: Here, you need to tap on News option.

Step #5: You can change the alert style from Mirror my iPhone to Custom.

Step #6: Turn off the toggle next to Show Alerts.

That’s it!

If you use News app every day, you should also clear Apple News app history and recommendations.

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