Home button has always been an integral part of all iPhones launched by Apple till date. But with iPhone X, Apple has ditched this button, and it seems that it was a goodbye kiss from Apple. So users won’t have home button in next iPhone iterations too. Let’s not discuss about the future and concentrate on the present situation, wherein iPhone X doesn’t have the celebrated home button. So how does a user use iPhone X without a home button?

Users have been habituated to using home button to access control center, to unlock the phone, to go to home screen, and to do multitasking. Now all of a sudden, home button disappears from the iPhone, and this makes users nearly paralyze. But once you get hold on how your iPhone X can work without home button, you will love this revolutionary piece of technology.

How to Use iPhone X Without a Home Button

How to Use iPhone X Without a Home Button

How to Unlock iPhone X without a Home button

The very first issue pops up in your mind is the unlocking of your newest iPhone X. Till the date, you have used Touch ID to unlock your iPhone; but as Apple has done away with home button, you cannot use Touch ID any more. However, facial recognition or Face ID feature can help you here to unlock your iPhone X.

The facial recognition technology installed in iPhone X uses front facing camera, an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, and a dot projector. By using these four features, your iPhone X scans your facial features and creates your profile for Face ID to identify your face. Whenever you want to unlock your phone, you have to look into the front-facing camera on iPhone X to get recognized and your iPhone X will be unlocked.

How to Access Home Screen on iPhone X

The most celebrated use of home button is to go back to home screen of iPhone. In the absence of home button, how would you get to home screen too often?

You can return to home screen on your iPhone X by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You know how you can access control center by swiping up on your previous iPhones. But then how will you be able to access control center?

How to Access Control Center on iPhone X

Surprise, surprise! There is no Control Center at the bottom of your iPhone screen as you must have expected. This is the all new iPhone X and Apple has changed the location of Control Center. Instead of swiping up on your phone screen, you have to swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone X screen to bring down Control Center.

How to Access Notification Center on iPhone X

To access Notification Center on iPhone X you need to swipe down from top left corner of your iPhone X screen.

How to Use Multiple Apps on iPhone X

It was quite easy for you to double-tap the home button to bring up app switcher; this was a great help for multitasking. In your iPhone X, you need to swipe up from the bottom of screen to switch between multiple apps. After swiping up, hold for a split second in the middle of your phone’s screen. This will show you all the apps you are working on currently. Next, you can select which app to jump to or which app you want to force close.

There is one more option to do multitasking on iPhone X; simply swipe side by side at the bottom of phone screen to switch between apps you are working on.

Initially, you may find it a tough task to deal without home button on iPhone X; but it will not take long to get accustomed to the latest iPhone X without home button.

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