How to Turn a Smartphone into a Nintendo Switch (Nearly)

How to Turn a Smartphone into a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is celebrating an envious fan-following across the globe. And this fact is reflected in the ‘Out of Stock’ status inventories show on many online shopping portals. So this obviously irritates many true-blue gamers, who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on Nintendo Switch. So until the stock is piled up on portals, … Read more

How to Turn Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Phone into a Security Camera

A true-blue smartphone user would like to upgrade to new technology every two-three years if not every year. If you are one such user, you must have got the latest iPhone or Android Phone. But what have you done with your older smartphones? Do you want to dump it? Are you finding the best place … Read more

How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain

How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain

People have become addicts to seeing and glaring at the smartphone screen for hours. They watch videos, chat or read books or articles. The screen of the smartphone is not as big as that of your laptop or computer; hence the strain is much more than caused by the big screen. So one needs to … Read more

Ringing Bell Freedom 251: India’s Cheapest Android Phone

Ringing Bell Freedom 251Cheapest Android Phone in the World

Update: booking started again. India’s smartphone market is continuously on the rise, and now the country is set to push the US market to the second spot in the next couple of years. The government of India is encouraging domestic manufacturers through Make in India movement. Make in India seems to have got a … Read more