How to Turn Amazon Echo Light Ring into a Night Light

Your Amazon Echo does multitasking for you. Apart from its normal tasks of making calls and adjusting electronic devices in your bedroom, living room and kitchen, the wonder device now can turn Amazon Echo light ring into a night light.

If you are not able to sleep well in a completely dark room, you can use Amazon Echo device as a night lamp, which emits dim light while you are sleeping peacefully. For this, you need to use one of Amazon’s Alexa skills that make your life easier.

How to Use Amazon Echo and Echo Dot as a Night Light


How to Turn Amazon Echo Light Ring into a Night Light

The light ring actually shows status of your smart speaker. Primarily, this light ring is used to show the volume level and it declares that it is listening to your Alexa commands. However, this ring also works to tell you that you have a missed call or a message or the delivery status of your Amazon packages.

You can use this night light feature with one of the third-party Alexa skills named Night Light. You can use Alexa app to enable Night Light on your Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot speaker.

Step #1: Launch Alexa on your smart phone.

Step #2: Now, choose Skills from the left menu.

Step #3: You need to search Night Light and choose

Amazon Echo Night Light

When you select the correct Night Light skill, you just have to speak, “Alexa, open Night Light”. Your Amazon Echo will beam with cyan and royal blue for some minutes.

As said before, this night light will not dazzle you with its rays; but it will give you enough light for you to enable you to walk with confidence in a dark room. Remember, the ring will not stay steady and it will continue pulsing between the two shades.

Moreover, users cannot change brightness or colours. The better part is that you can adjust the length of time for night light to glow; just speak, “Alexa, open Night Light for 20 minutes”.

Before the prescribed time, you can turn off the light by saying, “Alexa, stop”. Another glaring feature of Night Light is that the developer of this skill has disabled all Alexa’s audio feedback.

This means when you are using Night Light, Alexa doesn’t send any audio peep as it knows that it is a quiet house at night.

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